• Trusted by Leading Energy Providers

    More than 3GWs of solar plants use SunPower technology

  • Competitive Cost of Energy + Long-Term Value

    Generate predictable cash flow, achieve financial goals

  • Making the Complex Simple

    Integrated design delivers faster installations and more reliable logistics

  • Gold Standard of O&M

    Advanced maintenance and monitoring optimize energy production

We Make the Complex Simple

Successfully delivering a solar power plant project can be extraordinarily complicated. Throughout the process, a limitless number of decisions are made that ultimately affect a project’s ability to realize its financial goals. How do you ensure site use is optimized? How can construction costs be minimized? How can you be confident the energy production goals will be met?

Power plant technology is a key success factor, and high-quality, easy-to-install technology may ensure the highest ROI. Studies show that faulty components are a leading cause of failures. And 55% of plant defects can be attributed to faulty installation.


Oasis Solar Panels for Utility & Power Plants

The SunPower® Oasis® Solar Energy Power Plant

When technology is built to work together, it simply works better. By approaching complete solar energy systems as a single product, SunPower is able to precision engineer each component to work seamlessly for the benefit of the whole. The result is an optimized system with no compromises — the SunPower Oasis Solar power plant for utility-scale solar installations.



Experience Matters

SunPower has been building solar power plants for more than a decade, longer than any other solar technology company.
Solar Star Power Plant Projects
Solar Star Projects
579 MW Projects in Kern and Los Angeles counties of California power approximately 255,000 homes.
Gala Solar Power Plant
SunPower Oasis trackers combined with SunPower E-Series solar panels maximize power generation with minimal land usage.
Oklahoma Gas & Electric
SunPower Oasis Power Plant platform paired with SunPower P-Series solar panels streamline the construction process.

Global Footprint

Since 2004, SunPower has designed, constructed, managed and supplied high performance solar power plants around the world. Today, more than 3 gigawatts of solar plants rely on SunPower technology.

solar cells
Two Ways to Work with SunPower

Whether you’re an owner, developer, or EPC interested in procuring power plant technology, or you’re looking for an experienced solar power plant developer, SunPower can help you achieve your financial and energy goals. Talk with us about procuring SunPower technology directly through SunPower Solutions or engaging our turnkey solar power plant development services.

  • SunPower Solutions: access SunPower’s industry-leading technology while managing your own site development, design or construction.
  • Turnkey Power Plant Development: leverage all the benefits of SunPower® Oasis™ and the strength of SunPower’s 15 years in power plant design, development, EPC and O&M.