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The state of solar power in New Mexico

The New Mexico flag features a golden yellow field with a red Zia sun emblazoned in the center. With over 310 days of sunshine per year, it's not surprising that the people of New Mexico have celebrated the sun on their state symbols.

This astounding number of sunny days per year makes New Mexico an ideal place for renewable energy production - particularly solar. In fact, the state is ranked second in the nation for potential solar energy production.

How much solar power does New Mexico produce?

The New Mexico State Land Office currently manages over 9 million acres of land used for the production of solar energy. Their Renewable Portfolio Standard, enacted in 2004, requires that 20% of New Mexico's power comes from renewable energy sources by 2020.

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), New Mexico currently powers 210,090 homes with solar energy and derives 4.49% of the state's electricity from solar sources.

Is solar feasible in New Mexico?


SEIA reports that New Mexico currently ranks 17th in the U.S. for the number of solar installations in 2019, up from 21st in 2018. The New Mexico State Land Office has a plan to increase the amount of solar energy harvested in the state.

In fact, Land Commissioner Stephanie Garcia Richard, a long-time supporter of increased investments in sustainable energy, created the first-ever Office of Renewable Energy within the state. This new office will provide further support for renewable energy programs, allowing wind and solar power to play a more significant role in energy production.

How can I start using solar In New Mexico?

There are many compelling reasons to embrace renewable energy in New Mexico. Homeowners can use our newly launched SunPower Design Studio to design a solar system customized to your home and location.

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