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The state of solar power in Colorado

Solar energy is becoming an increasingly popular option for Colorado residents. As solar panel technology has advanced in recent years, more Coloradans can enjoy the benefits of solar energy. It has grown more affordable and accessible in both commercial and residential applications.

The benefits of solar energy are not limited to a reduced or even eliminated electricity bill. A solar system with battery storage can help you store power which you can access even in the event of a local outage. If your solar panels produce more electricity than you use, you may be able to sell the extra to your local utility.

How much solar power does Colorado produce?

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), Colorado makes enough solar energy to power 249,924 homes. There are currently 473 solar companies in Colorado.

Is solar feasible in Colorado?

Colorado has a history of being at the forefront of incentivizing solar development and was one of the first states to set a Renewable Energy Standard. SEIA ranks Colorado 12th for installed solar energy and projects strong future growth in the coming five years. Currently, almost 3% of the state's electricity is derived from solar.

One of the main factors that affect how high your return will be versus your initial investment is the quality of your solar panels. The technology of the panels' design and material can vary, causing substantial differences in how well the panel converts sunlight into power. Like any other construction, solar panels are also vulnerable to degradation over time. Durable materials and optimized power conversion technology put SunPower at the forefront of solar energy in Colorado.

How much does solar cost in Colorado?

According to SEIA, average prices for solar energy have decreased by 34% over the past five years. This is in tune with the general decrease in solar costs as technology advances. However, the costs of installing solar panels can vary greatly based on several factors that affect the specific project:

Colorado goes solar with SunPower

  • Local utility net metering policy, which can determine the benefits you can get for putting your excess solar power back into the grid

  • Availability of local incentives in addition to the federal investment tax credit (Colorado does not currently offer state-wide incentives)

  • Available roof space

  • The geographic position of your home or business, which affects how much sunshine your roof gets

Calculating the up-front costs of purchase and installation does not give you the full solar financial picture. Solar panels and systems are an investment, providing a potential reduction in your energy bill, credits or other benefits of providing unused energy back into the local grid. Calculating the true cost of solar also means considering the resulting reduction of your utility bills based on your current electricity usage and a realistic projection of future power use.

How can I start using solar In Colorado?

An established solar provider can help you meet your energy needs, all while keeping you informed throughout the process. SunPower works with Colorado homeowners, businesses and government agencies to provide a wide range of solutions. We offer site assessments, consultations, lease services and other support for consumers and business owners who want to invest in solar power. Contact us online or call (800) 7896-7693 to learn more about how you can enjoy the benefits of solar energy.

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