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The state of solar power in Nevada

It may not be surprising that Nevada is fourth in the nation for solar energy, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). After all, beyond the lights of Las Vegas, the hot desert sun burns bright year-round.

Nevada's government policies that support renewable energy have also contributed to the rapid increase in solar systems. Nevada has risen from fifth to fourth in solar energy generation in the past year, while prices for solar systems have dropped by 32% in the past five years.

How much solar power does Nevada produce?

The return of net metering programs in 2017 helped renew Nevadans' interest in solar energy. Since then, solar energy generation has continued to increase across the state.

According to SEIA, the state receives 12.71% of its electricity from solar systems. Nevada has $6.84 billion in solar systems installed, which generate 3,502.45 MW of electricity, enough to power approximately 618,412 homes. The state's 141 solar companies create 6,680 jobs for Nevada residents.

Is solar power generation feasible in Nevada?

Nevada is ranked three out of the 50 states in the U.S. for its abundant sunshine, making solar energy extremely feasible and efficient.

The state experiences an average of 158 clear days per year, with 3,600 hours of sunlight. Nevada has an average of 6.41 peak sun hours each day; the number rises to 7.13 hours during the summer and falls to just 5.83 hours in the winter.

State programs that encourage the adoption of solar panels for home and business also help make solar a cost-effective, eco-conscious choice to power the state.

How can I start using solar in Nevada?

As electricity prices continue to rise, solar power in Nevada offers a great way to cut your home energy costs. Run that AC or swimming pool filter as much as you want when you know your home’s electricity is generated from the sun. SunPower Design Studio can show you what your home might look like with solar panels or get a free quote from SunPower to find out how much you can save while reducing your family’s carbon footprint with a solar system installation.

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