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The state of solar power in South Carolina

More than half of South Carolina’s electricity comes from nuclear power plants, but the Palmetto State is looking to change the status quo by taking advantage of its gorgeous beach weather to generate cleaner energy.

South Carolina is one of the lucky states in the U.S. that experiences almost year-round sunshine. That makes solar energy an ideal electricity source for the state's homes and businesses. In line with this, the state provides great solar incentives and various legislations that make the installation and use of solar panel systems more affordable.

Currently, South Carolina ranks 16th in the US for solar power generation – a few spots down from its ranking of 12th ranking in 2018.

How much solar power does South Carolina produce?

South Carolina’s subtropical climate provides bright summers and mild winters that facilitate optimal solar energy generation.

The state currently generates a little over 1,000 MW of electricity from solar to power over 122,000 homes. That’s a little over 1 percent of South Carolina’s power coming from solar. There’s still plenty of room for improvement, though. South Carolina’s solar generation is expected to rise around 1,600 MW over the next five years.

Is solar power generation feasible in South Carolina?

The present range of solar panels, especially our SunPower® A-Series panels, are more efficient than their predecessors at converting minimal sunrays into maximum energy. Combine this development with the weather conditions in South Carolina, and you have an ideal scenario for optimal solar generation.

South Carolinians see about 218 sunny days every year. That’s over 200 days generating your own electricity from the comfort of your roof.

The legislative climate in South Carolina is also favorable towards solar power generation, especially with the passing of the Energy Freedom Act. This bill gives solar panel users more ways to keep down the cost of solar energy and more freedom regarding the use of the power they generate.

How much does solar power cost in South Carolina?

South Carolina goes solar with SunPower

Compared to most other states in the US, the cost of installing and using solar in South Carolina is reasonable. In fact, there’s been a 36 percent drop in solar power costs in the state over the past five years, and those costs are expected to drop even further in the coming years.

But you can reduce your costs by 26 percent if you take advantage of the Federal Solar Tax Credit.*

Even better, the Federal Solar Tax Credit isn’t the only incentive in place to help South Carolinians reduce the cost of installing and using solar power.

  • *. Tax credits subject to change. SunPower does not warrant, guarantee or otherwise advise its partners or customers about specific tax outcomes. Consult your tax advisor regarding the solar tax credit and how it applies to your specific circumstances. Please visit the dsireusa.org website for detailed solar policy information.

How can I start using solar in South Carolina?

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  • *. Based on datasheet review of websites of top 20 manufacturers per IHS, as of May, 2019

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