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The state of solar power in Massachusetts

New England isn't exactly known as the land of sunshine, but Massachusetts manages to harness the sunlight that does hit the state. In the past year, Massachusetts has risen from number 10 to number 8 for solar energy in the U.S., according to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA).

The state also ranked as "the most energy-efficient in the nation" for the eighth year running by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. Net metering, state tax incentives, and a loan program for Massachusetts residents make going solar easy and enticing.

How much solar power does Massachusetts produce?

Massachusetts experiences long, cold winters that one might think would put a damper on solar panel efficiency. Instead, the state generates more than 2,566 MW of solar electricity, enough to power 433,828 homes. That puts Massachusetts ahead of Florida, the Sunshine State, in terms of solar energy production.

SEIA reports that there are 539 solar companies in the Bay State, which have installed close to 94,000 solar systems across Massachusetts. In all, Massachusetts residents and business owners have invested $6.58 billion in solar power.

Is Solar Power Generation Feasible in Massachusetts?

SunPower Solar in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, solar power generation is not just feasible—it’s encouraged by the government. The prevalence of solar PV arrays across the state debunks the myth that you can’t successfully generate solar energy in cloudy weather or cool climates.

The majority of solar system installations in Massachusetts are commercial or community solar programs. For instance, the Barnstable Municipal Airport solar system generates enough electricity to power more than 1,133 homes.

Additionally, 100 Meadow Solar in Boston can power more than 649 homes across the city, producing 3 MW of power. The success of these projects, bolstered by government programs and support, should encourage residents to adopt solar power, too.

How Much Does Solar Energy Cost in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts offers generous state rebates and incentives for solar, driving the price down. Net metering — selling your solar energy back to the electric company as a credit on your account for times when your solar panels are not producing enough power for your home — makes going solar in Massachusetts even more enticing.

Of course, prices on solar panels for your home vary based on the size of your house, the type of solar system you select, the installer you choose, and many other factors. Where you live in Massachusetts may also affect pricing.

Eversource, National Grid, and Cape Light Compact customers in Massachusetts are now eligible to enroll SunVault™ systems in ConnectedSolutions—a New England demand response program that enhances energy independence and rewards customers for helping to reduce carbon emissions. 

How Can I Start Using Solar Panels for my Home in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts' incentives for installing solar panels for your home, combined with the rapidly rising price of conventional electric power, makes going solar in Massachusetts a bright idea. Get started and get a free quote to see how you can lower your electric bill each month with clean solar energy.

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