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The state of solar in North Carolina

North Carolina is a sunny state, making it an optimal location for solar power. On average, the Tar Heel State has 213 sun-filled days, which is eight more days than the national average.* About 76% of the buildings in the state are considered solar viable, which is enough to generate about 39.6 million MWh AC per year.*

How much solar energy does North Carolina produce?

North Carolina ranks third in the United States for solar energy production. As of 2021, the state has 7,132.3 MW solar systems installed, which is enough to power 859,707 homes, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association.*

What are the advantages of going solar in North Carolina?

North Carolina has plenty of sunshine, making it an ideal place to get solar panels for homes. The area also has optimal conditions for these systems because soiling on the module surface isn’t significant.

In other words, solar panels in North Carolina won’t accumulate much dust, affecting the system’s ability to generate electricity using solar energy. As a result, your equipment will require less maintenance and produce decades worth of electricity.

Embracing clean energy also gives property owners an immediate return on investment. As soon as the panels go up, your home or business will have lower electric bills. Even if electricity costs should rise over the years, as they invariably do, your solar cost will remain consistent. The installation also boosts your property value, adding to the many ways a solar system will pay for itself over time.

How much does solar cost in North Carolina?north carolina solar

The cost of a home solar system can vary, even in the same state, due to a range of factors. These include:

  • Solar system provider

  • Quality of the solar panels

  • Size and condition of the roof

  • Home’s energy needs

  • Local weather

To help you understand the price of going solar in your area, we’ve analyzed SunPower price quotes as well as quotes gathered by third-party sources for thousands of homeowners across the country.

In North Carolina, we found that the cost of owning a 5 kW solar system ranges from $12,000 to $14,250, or, in other words, from $2.40 to $2.85 per watt. And that’s before considering the benefits of any available tax credits or incentives.

All North Carolina residents who choose to go solar can participate in the federal residential solar energy investment tax credit (ITC). When claiming ITC on your federal income taxes, you can receive a 26% tax credit on the total cost of a new solar system installation.* To obtain the benefit, you must own the solar system, and its installation must occur during the same tax year you file the claim.

North Carolina residents can also participate in several rebate and incentive programs to reduce the initial costs of going solar. For instance, Duke Energy provides a $0.60 per watt rebate for its customers on new systems up to 10 kW.*

State legislation also allows various cities and counties to provide property owners with low-interest loans for purchasing and installing solar panels.

Other incentives include North Carolina’s property tax exemption for solar system installations and net metering. Net metering is a program that allows solar system owners who generate more energy than their home uses to feed their surplus into their local electric grid. In return, the property owners will receive credits toward their monthly utility bills.*

  • *. Tax credits and incentives are subject to change. Visit dsireusa.org for detailed solar policy information.
  • *. Energysage.com, Go solar with help from North Carolina's solar rebates and incentives (accessed 8/8/2021) https://www.energysage.com/local-data/solar-rebates-incentives/nc/
  • *. The availability of net metering varies by location and is subject to change. Visit dsireusa.org for detailed solar policy information.

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