Important Consumer Information

Job Scam Emails

Job seekers should beware of unsolicited emails from anyone claiming to be a recruiter from SunPower as job scams are becoming more common. These emails are intended to deceive potential applicants to provide personal information that may be used for criminal purposes. SunPower recruiters will only approach candidates from authorized SunPower LinkedIn or email accounts (from or -- avoid lookalikes like “” or “”) and will generally not do so unless the job seeker has applied for a specific position. Occasionally, SunPower will use an external recruiting firm, but these agencies should be able to share a specific job posting on and provide their credentials.

Common scam attributes:

  1. The email is unsolicited - you did not contact the company about the job.

  2. The email is from a Gmail, Yahoo or another generic email provider address.

  3. The email does not address you personally. For example, it begins with “Hi” or “Hello Job Seeker”, rather than your name.

  4. They ask to continue the conversation by text.

  5. They ask for personal information (including financial information).

  6. There is a link to a web form with a URL that differs from SunPower’s URL format.

  7. The email contains grammatical or spelling errors.

  8. The contact information for the sender is ambiguous or the name doesn’t match the email address.

If you are concerned about an unsolicited email from someone claiming to work at SunPower, do not respond to the email, open attachments or click any links.

For additional information on spotting and avoiding job scams, visit the Federal Trade Commission’s web page, found at If you suspect that you may be a victim of fraud as a result of one of these emails, please report it to your local authorities and the Federal Trade Commission.

Schneider Electrical Panel Recall

Schneider Electric, in conjunction with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada, has issued a recall of its Square™ D QO™ Plug-on-Neutral Load Centers, also known as load centers, breaker boxes or electrical panels. This product is not a component of the SunPower solar system. Rather, it is an additional component some installers may have installed when updating the main electrical panel or sub-panel of homes to accommodate the SunPower solar system. Or, it may have already been in use in a home prior to the installation of a SunPower solar system.

The product was sold through authorized distributors and home improvement stores, including Home Depot, Lowe’s and Menard’s, from February 2020 through January 2022. To learn more about the recall, find out if you might be affected, or request an inspection as well as free repair/replacement by Schneider, please refer to the product safety alert from Schneider and the notification from the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The notification from the Consumer Product Safety Commission states that anyone who continues to use the load centers while awaiting the free repair should have working smoke alarms in their homes, as the load center can overheat, posing thermal burn and fire hazards.

Official SunPower Apps

SunPower has recently become aware of unauthorized apps using the SunPower name in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Unauthorized apps can increase security and privacy risks and may expose to you to fraud or scams. Before downloading any app, be sure to double-check the publisher of any app as well as review the permissions and data requested. Also, only download from official sites and look carefully at the app logo. Some applications generate copies to confuse users and perpetuate scams.

If you have been the victim of fraud or have had your privacy or security violated due to the use of unauthorized apps, please report it to your local authorities, the Federal Trade Commission, and the app store where it was published.

Following are official SunPower apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play and the links to download them.

mySunPower monitoring

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Share SunPower

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SunPower Pro Connect

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SunPower Direct

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