• SunPower® Pro Connect

    Commissioning made easy

What is SunPower® Pro Connect?

SunPower Pro Connect is a new and improved commissioning app for SunPower dealers and installing partners. Users now connect and configure devices directly via a smartphone and the Pro Connect app. Dealers and installing partners can now easily download the SunPower Pro Connect from the Apple Store and the Google Play Store.

Key Features

  • Supports both Equinox® solar and SunVault™ storage systems.

  • Easily connects to the PVS6 or Hub+™

  • Rapidly scans QR codes and barcodes for PVS6, Hub+, Type E, and Type G AC modules.

  • Downloads firmware upgrades directly to your smartphone—hardwired LAN connection or laptop no longer required!

  • Provides real time data visualization to enable installers to verify system functionality.

A SunPower Pro account is required in order to use SunPower Pro Connect.

If you have any questions, please contact proconnect@sunpowercorp.com

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SunPower Pro Connect - Live Power Flow

Real-time data visualization


SunPower Pro Connect - Supporting both Storage and Equinox

Supports both Equinox® solar and SunVault™ storage systems


SunPower Pro Connect - Scanning PVS

Rapid QR & barcode scanning