SunPower® Solar Solution Helps Lockheed Martin Reduce Energy Usage by 30 Percent

In addition to helping us meet our sustainable goals to lower our global footprint, our SunPower solution will help us attract and retain new talent; especially those who are looking for companies who are taking real steps to preserve the environment.”

– Joe Gonsiewski, Director of Facilities, Lockheed Martin Corporation

Lockheed Martin Corporation’s massive Sunnyvale, CA campus encompasses some 70 buildings spread across 400 acres. A product of the 1995 merger of Lockheed and Martin Marietta, the Corporation is a leader in global security solutions with an emphasis on space, aeronautics, electronics and information technology systems. With such a visionary culture, it was only natural that Lockheed Martin begin adopting innovative ways to meet its burgeoning energy requirements, while reducing its carbon footprint. In 2008, Lockheed Martin installed SunPower PowerGuard® solar systems on the rooftops of two buildings on the Sunnyvale campus. In addition to enjoying a 30 percent reduction in energy usage in each of the structures, Lockheed Martin anticipates that the solar installation, along with other corporate-wide green initiatives, will help attract and retain the talent needed to maintain the Corporation’s competitive edge.

Top-Down Leadership

For years, Lockheed Martin Corporation has implemented a variety of initiatives aimed at reducing its energy usage and emissions, such as installing more efficient lighting, variable-speed drives for demand responsive facility controls, and using recycled water for outdoor irrigation. With the strong endorsement of President and CEO Robert J. Stephens, the corporation has committed to going green in still more ways: Lockheed Martin offers free passes on the Bay Area’s Light Rail system, has implemented a shuttle system and bicycle lending program for employees who must commute between buildings on campus. Most significantly, Lockheed Martin installed a SunPower solar system on two buildings; both are now enjoying the benefits of clean solar power.

The Ideal Rooftop Solution

Lockheed Martin first looked into solar power in 2000. With the company’s increased focus on sustainable initiatives, as well as stronger financial state and federal solar incentives, in 2006 the economics worked well to push the effort forward. Having built a relationship with SunPower, even as Lockheed Martin was looking closely at several other vendors, management determined that SunPower’s unique, non-penetrating PowerGuard product would be the right solution for their needs. Says Lockheed Martin Director of Facilities Joe Gonsiewski: "The fact that the panels were non-penetrating was crucial, as the two buildings were already occupied. We did not want to take any chances on penetrating the roof membranes, or intruding on any part of our overall operational infrastructure."

Outstanding Products, Service & Savings

According to Gonsiewski, Lockheed Martin expects to save $150,000 annually and see a 30 percent reduction in its energy usage in each of the two solar-powered buildings. “The R10 insulation factor incorporated within the PowerGuard solar roof tiles will potentially provide additional savings, which is a bonus on top of their high-efficiency nature." Gonsiewski adds that to his surprise, not only did the SunPower panels arrive three weeks early during the construction process, but they also proved to be remarkably durable. He and his team were especially appreciative of the service provided by SunPower. "Getting an early delivery is almost unheard of today," Gonsiewski says. "Plus, we were amazed that during the installation, several people stood on the panels, and they were extremely durable. SunPower has met all of the commitments they have made to us."

Project Overview

Location:    Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company Campus, Sunnyvale, CA
Completed:    November 2008
Installation Type:    Commercial Roof System
System Size:    906 kW
PV Surface Area:    54,374 square feet - across 2 buildings
Number of Panels:    2,960
Products:    SunPower PowerGuard® Solar Roof Tiles

  • Solar upgrades will reduce utility-provided energy costs by more than 30 percent annually
  • Over 900 kilowatt reduction in Lockheed Martin’s dependence on California’s utility grid
  • Saves over $150,000 per year in electricity costs
  • Provides built-in financial hedge against rising electricity rates
  • Will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by over 38 million pounds over 30 years, which is equivalent to planting 4,020 acres of trees or removing 3,210 cars from California roads