Dow Jones Teams with SunPower to Become a Corporate Leader in Solar Power

SunPower is a leader in this industry with a reputation for good work, and certainly our experience has born this out.

– Howard Hoffman, Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Dow Jones & Company

Dow Jones & Company’s parent company, News Corporation, created a vision for its companies to go carbon neutral and find solutions that protect the environment while advancing the business. Already a leader in news and business information worldwide, Dow Jones took up this challenge to also become a corporate leader in sustainability. After reviewing other renewable energy sources, solar power became the clear choice for Dow Jones’ 200-acre corporate campus. Consequently, Dow Jones turned to SunPower with its industry-leading, turnkey solar power solutions to bring this project online.

Together, SunPower and Dow Jones turned 230,000 square feet of parking space as well as the top deck of a parking garage into electricity-producing assets. The 4.1 megawatt solar power system is expected to provide 15% of the electricity needed for the South Brunswick, NJ campus, and even before construction, it earned commendation from New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez, who called the system “one of the most outstanding examples of what America’s clean energy future looks like.”

A Powerful Commitment to the Environment

Dow Jones’ parent company, News Corporation, laid out a long term vision to go carbon neutral along with other environmental goals. “We wanted to reduce energy use and, as much as possible, find clean and renewable energy solutions to meet the needs that we have,” Howard Hoffman, Vice President, Corporate Affairs said. Recognizing solar power as a sustainable solution for both the environment and its business, Dow Jones turned to a leader in high efficiency solar power systems, SunPower. Working together, Dow Jones and SunPower commissioned a 4.1 megawatt project at Dow Jones’ corporate campus in South Brunswick, New Jersey.

Sustainable Leadership

Designed and installed by SunPower, the project was completed on-time and in less than a year from the contract signing. SunPower 315 watt high-efficiency modules on the parking canopy provide 3.6 megawatts of capacity, and the installation on the top deck of the existing parking garage provides an additional 521 kilowatts. At peak conditions, the solar system can achieve up to 50% of the campus’ needed electrical power. Dow Jones' plan for one of the largest solar power installations at a single corporate site in the U.S. even caught the attention of leaders in the U.S. senate. Said New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg, “I salute Dow Jones for its leadership. The company is demonstrating that a clean energy future is both possible and profitable.”

The Long and Short of Financial Payback

According to Hoffman, the benefits and the financial advantage made going solar an easy decision. Financial incentives and a local solar loan program from Public Service Electric & Gas (PSE&G) are already fueling an attractive return on investment for Dow Jones. Furthermore, SunPower will provide long-term maintenance and warranty support for the solar power system. Keeping the system operating at peak efficiency, SunPower is ensuring that Dow Jones will earn the highest possible return on its investment for years to come.

Project Overview

Location:    South Brunswick, NJ
Completed:    March 2011
Installation Type:    Parking Canopy and Rooftop
System Size:    4.1 MW
Number of Panels:     13,064
SunPower® T5 Solar Roof Tile
Architectural Solar Canopy

  • Will produce 50% of Dow Jones’ needed electricity in peak conditions
  • Will offset the production of 8.2 million lbs of carbon dioxide emissions each year, which is the equivalent of removing 730 passenger vehicles from the road (The environmental benefits associated with the system will be transferred to local utility company, PSE&G)
  • Maximizes the value of developed land
  • Hedges against rising utility costs