Three Things You Should Know When Shopping for a Solar Battery

October 27, 2022

SunVault Storage System

From wildfires to hurricanes, the last couple of years has been unpredictable for many Americans. Tired of being caught off-guard, homeowner interest is on the rise for alternative energy sources like solar batteries. The timing couldn’t be better as the technology becomes more available, affordable and even customizable in some ways. SunPower’s award-winning SunVault® storage system is no exception.

The SunVault storage system integrates seamlessly with the SunPower Equinox® system. Solar + storage enables homeowners to generate their own electricity and use it when they need it, tapping into stored power at night to reduce dependence on the electrical grid or saving it for when a power outage occurs. 

SunPower recently announced new system sizes for the SunVault storage system. Homeowners will be able to choose from a 13 kWh, 19.5 kWh, 26 kWh, or 39 kWh to best suit their energy and financial needs. With the recent passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, obtaining a home solar storage system of any size is now much more attainable through a 30% tax credit.*

But it’s important to note that not all solar batteries are created equally and, to really get the most value out of your investment, quality paired with flexibility are key. Here are a few things to consider when shopping for a solar battery:

How to manage your stored battery power

SunPower’s SunVault storage system comes with two main components, the solar battery and the Hub+®. Both are easy to control through the convenient mySunPower® app. Hub+ houses intelligent software that puts power right in the palm of your hand. Whether you want to store excess solar energy for a power outage, program it to kick in during peak demand times or help you combat time-of-use rates, SunVault can do it all.* It can automatically detect utility disruptions, so you can switch to backup battery power without any extra effort.

How a solar battery is made

Are solar batteries safe? Some materials are safer than others. When considering a solar battery provider, it’s important to investigate the type of battery being used. Made up of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) chemistry, SunVault has one of the safest battery technologies on the market. Compared to conventional batteries, Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries consist of materials that are not only more environmentally friendly, they are also more stable, making them better for residential use.

SunVault is assembled in the U.S. and features premium, imported parts. It is also the only home solar + storage solution designed and warranted by one company.

How powerful a solar battery is

SunPower’s SunVault storage system has the ability to power your whole home during a power outage. Depending on your system size, you can choose to use your stored clean energy to power essential appliances like your refrigerator or even use it for non-essential items like charging your electric vehicle. You can even run multiple appliances at the same time.* That’s because SunVault’s powerful solar battery has more charge cycles than conventional systems.

Bonus: does your solar battery come with a warranty you can trust?

SunPower provides a 10-year warranty for SunVault as part of the Complete Confidence Warranty which covers SunPower® solar systems.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to get a solar battery this year, consider this: A recent analysis conducted by the California Solar + Storage Association showcased just how powerful distributed solar + storage was during a recent California heatwave. On September 6, residents expected a round of rolling blackouts but, to everyone’s delight, they never came. You’re probably thinking, what is the difference between September 2022 and the past couple of years? 

The answer lies in the state’s solar battery capacity. In just two years, California homeowners have rapidly increased the adoption of solar storage from 30,000 connected batteries in 2020 to over 80,000 solar batteries today with the capability of providing 900 MW of solar power. In other words, with the mass adoption of better, cleaner energy solutions, the distribution of solar batteries can stop a power outage in its tracks. 

So whether you want peace of mind for your family or have a more philanthropic approach to strengthening the electrical grid in your community, getting a solar storage system can offer you plenty of benefits, especially if you choose the right provider.