mySunPower Monitoring

Power at your control

Get the mySunPower® app

Monitor your home solar, storage and electricity use—from virtually anywhere. Use the mySunPower mobile app to view your individual panel production in real time to see how each panel is performing.

By integrating seamlessly with your SunPower® solar and battery storage solutions, the mySunPower app puts the power to monitor system performance and control battery settings in the palm of your hand. The app is an extension of the mySunPower web portal and is currently available to SunPower Equinox® customers.

Take control of your electricity use and savings:

  • Monitor your entire solar + storage system with a holistic view of electricity generated, energy consumed* and available battery power.

  • Review your electricity use by day, month or year and easily monitor system performance with real-time reporting and graphs.

  • Track your electricity generation in all conditions with our integrated weather API.

  • Stay up to date on system status, connectivity and changing weather conditions with live in-app alerts.


Watch your system work in real time or track your electricity use* over time.*


Get real-time reporting on system performance* by day, month and year.


Monitor battery charge levels and customize storage settings on the fly.

information in one place

Like the mySunPower app but prefer to see all your information in one place? Log on to mySunPower Web through your desktop or tablet for a landscape view and see your energy, power, system information, savings and more all in one easy-to-read dashboard.