How Solar Battery Storage Can Boost Your Savings

May 18, 2023

SunPower SunVault Storage System

We’re launching the next generation of SunVault, featuring two new battery configurations with a sleek new design. Through this upgrade, it’s now possible to store more energy in about the same amount of wall space. Whether it’s for back-up power during a power outage or to curb time-of-use (TOU) rates when energy is more expensive from the electrical grid, new versions of SunVault now offer four configurations to meet your unique energy storage needs.

When paired with a SunPower Equinox® system, the SunVault® storage system is warranted by our Complete Confidence Warranty, with 10 years of coverage through unlimited cycle counts and energy throughput. It’s also assembled in the USA (with parts of domestic and foreign origin), using lithium iron phosphate (a safer battery technology) providing an excellent source of stored energy that you can use daily or reserve for backup power when there is an outage.

Control your energy

Solar battery storage is unique to every homeowner. During the initial setup, you can choose which appliances and devices you would like to back up in your home in case of a power outage. Can’t live without Wi-Fi? No problem! You’ll pick the items you need to power in the event of a rolling blackout or power outage.* You can use the mySunPower® app to customize your settings—including selecting an operating mode that works best for your clean energy needs and goals.

Maximize your savings

Solar storage can help boost your savings in multiple ways:

1. 30% federal tax credit: Thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act, qualified homeowners are eligible for up to a 30% federal tax credit for installing solar and/or solar battery storage.*

2. Earn extra cash: Participate in a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) (where available), to support the power grid with clean energy during times of peak demand and be compensated in return. Learn more about SunPower’s participation in VPPs, including our recently launched VPP with OhmConnect.

3. Reduce peak-time charges: When you choose SunVault’s Cost Savings mode, your solar system will be set to automatically store energy for use during peak hours or when grid electricity is most expensive.  

For California homeowners especially, this can help maximize the benefits of having solar + storage under NEM 3.0. You can store energy when energy rates are lower and use stored energy when energy rates are higher.

4. Flexible financing: SunPower offers a number of flexible financing options to make purchasing your SunVault more affordable.

Interested in how SunVault can help you maximize your savings? Request a custom quote.