What are the different operating modes for SunVault™ Storage?

SunVault can operate in the following three modes:

  • Self-Supply mode enables you to maximize your use of solar energy and minimize the amount you import from the grid during the day. This setting is the most environmentally friendly, because it serves home loads first with solar energy, then with stored energy from SunVault, and finally—only if additional energy is necessary—by importing electricity (electrical energy) from the grid. While in Self-Supply mode, SunVault works to minimize your use of utility energy while either solar or stored energy is available by tracking your power requirements and calculating (at 15-minute intervals) what is necessary to achieve net zero. Net zero can be achieved when your home is generating as much energy as it’s using, enabling you to buy less energy from the grid!

  • Cost Savings mode enables you to limit your use of grid energy during peak times, when electricity is most expensive. Depending on the mode chosen and what your local utility allows, this setting allows your SunVault system to discharge electricity to your home from 5:00 p.m. through 8:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, until the level used reaches the Reserve Charge level you defined in the app. Utility rates are typically lower during the daytime hours, so by storing the energy and then using it during peak times in the evening, you can save more money. Cost Savings mode is not currently available in all regions.

  • Reserve mode lets you maintain your SunVault system in a fully charged state in anticipation of a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) or expected storm. In Reserve mode you can reserve 97 to 100% of your battery power. SunVault will use a small amount of energy each day to self-power and will recharge when solar energy is available.

Operating modes features are subject to change.

How do I change operating modes for my SunVault?

You can select your operating mode in your mySunPower™ app. From the SUNVAULT tab you’ll see the current operating mode and can change it by simply tapping EDIT to select among Self-Supply, Cost Savings, and Reserve modes.