Setting Up Cost Savings Mode in the mySunPower™ app

Cost Savings mode enables you to limit your use of grid energy during peak times, when electricity is most expensive. Typically, Time-Of-Use (TOU) rate plans offer lower rates during daytime hours and higher rates in the evening. So, by storing electricity when rates are lower and using it when rates are at their highest, you can optimize your savings. Depending on the mode chosen and what your local utility allows, Cost Savings mode means your SunVault® system will discharge electricity to your home at peak times as defined by your rate plan until it reaches your selected reserve charge level. You can adjust your rate plan and reserve charge level by setting up Cost Savings mode in the mySunPower® app. If you have a tiered or flat rate plan, your SunVault will not discharge because there are no additional savings. Cost Savings mode is not currently available in all regions.

To set up Cost Savings mode:

  1. Open the mySunPower app, tap the SUNVAULT tab, and then tap the EDIT button beneath BATTERY MODE.

  2. Tap Cost Savings.

  3. Tap Setup Cost Savings.

  4. Tap Edit Utility Rate Plan. Use the dropdown to select the appropriate utility rate plan offered by your local utility. If you’re unsure which rate plan to select, contact your utility to confirm.

  5. Verify that the Scheduled Times, On Peak Times and Off-Peak Times match your TOU plan and that the respective Summer and Winter dropdowns align with your TOU plan. (This screen will update automatically to show the data from the utility rate plan that you selected.)

  6. Tap Start.