Get the Support You Need with mySunPower

October 26, 2023


Running into an issue with your solar system? Having trouble with your solar monitoring or internet connection? It’s now easier than ever to troubleshoot, receive assistance, or even update a current support case, all within the new Help Center in the mySunPower® app and

You likely know mySunPower as the hub for monitoring your solar system performance, tracking home energy consumption,* and controlling battery settings. Now, mySunPower is also the place to easily manage your entire support experience in the unfortunate event of an issue with your system.

Easily connect with Customer Care

To get started, simply navigate to the Profile tab in mySunPower. Here you’ll see the new Help Center listed in the menu.

When you click on the Help Center option, our new automated chat interface will launch. Choose from a brief list of issue options and describe your question or concern to start troubleshooting. You’ll then receive the option to connect with a live agent by chat or phone, based on hours of operation.

After you are connected with a live agent, the SunPower Care team will begin assisting with your question. Because you are logged into your mySunPower account, our team can view your system information and jump right into helping to resolve your issue.

Follow up on open support cases

Checking for a status update on a previous question? The Help Center in mySunPower also allows you to view current or past cases related to your home solar system.

After selecting My Cases, you'll see a list of any open cases along with the case status, number and creation date. Use this page to quickly view the latest updates and stay up to date on the status of your open request.

You can also view any comments related to the case by clicking the Comments button. On the Case Comments page, you will see all previous comments and can add a new comment if you have an update related to your open issue. Please note that this is different from the live chat functionality in mySunPower, as you are not communicating directly with a live support agent when leaving a comment. Comments act more like an email interaction for you and the SunPower Customer Care team to review and respond at a later time. Use this section of mySunPower to check in on support requests that are awaiting next steps or even reopen a case if you have further questions about that case.

These new features within the Help Center in mySunPower are designed to make it easy (and faster) to connect with support and help you stay up to date on the latest status related to your open issues.

We love hearing about your experience with solar system monitoring in mySunPower. Leave your feedback directly in the mySunPower app within the Profile tab and let us know what enhancements you’d like to see next.