Together we are powerful

Creating a culture of inclusivity

A valuable part of SunPower’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, employee resource groups (ERGs) offer employees an opportunity to network with others who share similar backgrounds, interests and experiences. Our ERGs provide a safe and welcoming place where employees can feel heard, valued and accepted for who they are, creating allies across all levels of the company and helping to strengthen SunPower’s overall culture of inclusivity.

Below are the current ERGs at SunPower. Employees who are interested in forming a new ERG are encouraged to reach out to ERG@SunPower.com


EmpowHER - Women at SunPower

EmpowHER’s mission is to support and advocate for a gender balanced workplace where women can develop fulfilling careers and feel safe and empowered in their daily work. The group aims to increase the number of women and women in leadership at SunPower by creating networking and mentoring opportunities, providing career and educational resources, promoting inclusive policies that enhance work-life balance and developing strategies and pathways for women to grow and thrive at work.


SunVets - Veterans at SunPower

The SunVets ERG exists to provide a network for veterans, their family members and non-serving supporters to develop a friendly community within SunPower, create and foster a safe space for sharing ideas and resources, and enhance the existing culture that continues to make SunPower an employer of choice in the communities where we serve, as well as in the overall solar market.


34+ - Black at SunPower

The mission of 34+ is to create a safe and collaborative space for Black employees of SunPower, while empowering allies and building a stronger, more diverse community within the company. The group approaches its mission with a holistic vision by recognizing the many unique challenges faced by SunPower’s Black employees and caring for each of these parts including career and personal development, health and wellness, equity, social justice and community outreach.

La Luz

La Luz - LatinX at SunPower

La Luz aims to foster an environment that helps SunPower’s Hispanic, Latino and LatinX employees succeed professionally, personally and in the community. La Luz is a group where people support each other through each of these areas via networking, volunteering and social events.


Pride - LGBTQIA+ at SunPower

The Pride ERG strives to bring together and support LGBTQIA+ employees and allies at SunPower. By sharing ideas, identifying support resources and creating a safe, inclusive and equitable culture, the group aims to attract and retain LGBTQIA+ members at SunPower while helping to increase employment of LGBTQIA+ members in the overall solar market.