SunPower a Leader in Commercial Solar Storage Solutions

By:Robert Rogan

October 12, 2017

Major retailers are among SunPower solar customers that are choosing to pair their solar with storage to increase savings.

In 2014, Greentech Media (GTM) asked solar industry leaders what role battery storage would play in the growth of solar adoption in the United States. SunPower CEO Tom Werner stated then that, because of breakthroughs in lithium-ion battery and photovoltaic solar technologies and energy management software, commercial solar customers would gain new control of their energy costs.

At the time, GTM was unsure about the future of solar and storage but said, “If there’s any company that can move the needle on both of those technologies at once, it’s a company like SunPower.”

Now, three years later, SunPower is successfully delivering commercial solar storage solutions to a wide variety of customers.

SunPower® solar and storage solutions

How is SunPower effectively integrating battery storage into commercial solar energy systems? We are continuously building total product solutions. We’re able to do things other companies can’t because we design, manufacture, install, warrant and maintain all the parts of our solar systems to work together seamlessly for optimal energy production and long term cost savings.

This is what our commercial customers have been asking us for. All sizes of businesses, educational institutions and government agencies are turning to solar to reduce their energy costs and adopt more environmentally responsible practices. Integrated solar battery storage is the next step if businesses want to achieve more control over their utility bills and save even more money over time. (See Commercial Solar Battery Storage 101 to learn how storage in combination with PV solar helps control energy costs by reducing utility demand charges.)

Moreover, the biggest solar markets in the United States, such as California and Massachusetts, are incentivizing the pairing of solar and storage. In the same way that states helped drive the adoption of renewable energy, they’re now leading the charge on battery storage as well.

SunPower installing solar and storage for major companies 

In the last six months, SunPower has been installing solar and storage systems for school districts, major retailers, the U.S. Army, Fortune 500 companies, municipal governments and others.

Longtime SunPower customer Target published an Earth Day blog post about its sustainability goals and accomplishments that stated that its SunPower project in Hawaii would be its first solar project with storage. The solar system is expected to meet more than 40 percent of the Kona store’s energy needs.

“This solar-and-storage combo will serve as a case study for the integration of clean, renewable power for other Target locations,” said the blog post. 

That such a wide variety of organizations are adopting solar storage indicates it’s not a niche solution. Solar can reduce energy bills for a wide variety of building types and sizes. Our customers who choose this solution are likely to experience a clear positive return on their PV + storage investments.

Because SunPower delivers solar, storage and monitoring packaged together with a single point of accountability, we can deliver performance and savings above and beyond what either technology can deliver on its own. Adding storage to solar further reduces overall system costs by enabling qualified customers to apply the federal investment tax credit to their system, a benefit not available when you invest in storage on its own.* SunPower also provides the added benefit of managing solar and storage systems, plus offers financing through a single source.

If you’re wondering how to reduce energy costs, looking to advance sustainable business practices, or both, an independent energy consultant or an experienced solar power provider can help you determine whether commercial solar and/or battery storage makes sense for your business.

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