East Coast Homeowner Chooses SunPower Solar Twice

August 21, 2019

SunPower customer Paul Devoy liked his SunPower solar so much he put it on a second house.

If you're deciding whether to go solar and/or whether to go solar with SunPower, you might want to hear what East Coast homeowner Paul Devoy has to say.

Devoy, an engineer, had SunPower solar panels installed on his home in New Jersey and was so impressed by the return on his investment that he's having a SunPower solar system installed on his new home in North Carolina.

Watch this video to learn how Devoy went from knowing nothing about solar to becoming an advocate for the financial advantages of solar, including an increased home value that he says helped him sell his house at a premium price.

Devoy says that because SunPower panels have an exceptionally long lifespan, backed up by SunPower's 25-year Complete Confidence Warranty, and a proven 40-year useful life, they end up paying for themselves more quickly than people might realize.

"I not only broke even, I got free electricity," he said. "It helped sell my house. And there's no maintenance. I never touched it."*

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