Five Reasons to Get a Job in Solar Energy

March 2, 2023

Jobs at SunPower

The pandemic sparked change in more ways than one. That time of isolation and instability led many people to reevaluate their careers and priorities. Professionals began to look for jobs with more meaning. Now, an increasing number of Americans are flocking to find jobs in clean energy.

The good news is there are plenty of opportunities available. The introduction of the Inflation Reduction Act opened the door for higher demand within the clean energy sector and with that demand came the need for more workers. If you're looking to start a new career changing the world, your first step will be finding the right fit. Perhaps a good start is with SunPower, the longest-standing solar company in the U.S. 

With more than 37 years of industry experience, SunPower is a leader in solar power through its cutting-edge technology, sustainability efforts and business practices. We set the industry standard and continuously push the bar to not only serve homeowners but our workforce as well. Here are a few ways SunPower provides an ideal work environment for its fellow world changers:

1. SunPower helps align employees with its values

At SunPower, we’ve identified six values that are crucial to everything we do:

  • We put safety first

  • We innovate relentlessly

  • We are fast and nimble

  • We deliver superior experiences

  • We do the right thing

  • We are accountable

These values are the core of what we believe as a company and foster an environment to do more than just the status quo. They are the driving force behind our sustainability efforts. From building an EV fleet to further reduce our carbon footprint to certifying our headquarters as a certified California Green Business, we keep ourselves accountable and strive to live out our values. 

We encourage our employees to do the same. SunPower team members are given volunteer time off to actively support what’s important to them. Because we know that changing the world takes action from each and every one of us.

 2. SunPower promotes diversity

At SunPower, every person has the opportunity to feel seen and heard. Diversity is an important part of our DNA and we’ve developed several employee resource groups to support the wide range of world changers we employ. These groups include: 

  • EmpowHer: Women at SunPower

  • SunVets: Veterans at SunPower

  • 34+: Black at SunPower

  • La Luz: LatinX at SunPower

  • Pride: LBGTQA+ at SunPower

Furthermore, SunPower adopted the 25x25 Initiative which will foster even more opportunities for SunPower to diversify its fleet. For example, SunPower Foundation recently awarded $100,000 to organizations like GRID Alternatives and Solar Energy International (SEI) to help develop training programs for women within the solar industry. This initiative supports SunPower’s goal of achieving a 40% women employee base by 2025.

3. SunPower provides great benefits

Let’s face it, a huge task in finding the right job comes down to benefits. The clean energy sector is notorious for supplying well-paying jobs but companies like SunPower seek to do more for their workforces. We provide competitive medical and financial benefits to support our employees, including perks along the way. SunPower also has bonus payment opportunities and even special discounts for anyone that joins its ranks.

4. SunPower equips its workforce for success

Holding a spot as one of the top solar companies in the nation starts with our workforce. SunPower provides job training to catch employees up to speed and equip them with the confidence to take on leadership roles. We have on-demand tools available for employees interested in honing a new skill. 

At SunPower, there’s room to grow and resources available to think bigger. 

5. SunPower helps change the way our world is powered

One of the best reasons to join SunPower’s growing team is to become a world changer yourself. The job to fight climate change is not taken lightly. Our team works tirelessly to create a path toward a better, cleaner future for generations to come. 

The passage of the Inflation Reduction Act is helping clean energy become more accessible and affordable for all Americans. We’re excited to play a role in expanding the possibilities of this historic piece of legislation through the work we do each and every day.

Beyond these initial five reasons that make SunPower an ideal place to start your career, the company has made an impact, and a huge one. We have offset 94 metric tons of carbon since 2005. That success is not possible without the help of our growing team of forward thinkers. From ambitious innovators to big picture creatives, SunPower hires top talent to carry out its mission. Rest assured, you won't find a better team to grow with. 

So, if you’re ready to join the fight against climate change with a company that is continuously pushing the limits, we’d love for you to reach out. View open positions now on our career site or check us out on Glassdoor.