Three Ways SunPower is Transforming Customer Care for Homeowners

June 30, 2022

SunPower Customer Appreciation Week

During our 37 years of service, we’ve had the great privilege of providing more than 427,000 homes with solar power. While this is an impressive number, when you look at the bigger picture, less than 4% of homes in the United States are powered by clean energy. That means there are still many homeowners looking for a solution that both reduces their carbon footprint and helps them find electricity savings. At SunPower, we want to ensure that each point of contact we make is effortless, productive, and, hopefully, enjoyable. 

Thanks to feedback from homeowners like you, our team has identified three ways to enhance our approach to customer service. SunPower is committed to achieving a world-class level of customer care that matches the reputation and caliber of our industry-leading products.

1. Improving self-service resources 

We know that when it comes down to it, customers feel empowered when they can solve their own problems. Providing easy-to-navigate solutions that you can implement yourself lets you quickly get back to the things that matter most. Because we understand that contacting us is an interruption in your day, we are working to provide more automation and self-service options. For example, we are currently focusing on enhancing online support, so you can get answers in a few clicks or less.

2. Taking a proactive approach

Whether it’s listening to feedback, answering a simple question or addressing an issue, our customer care team talks to roughly 15,000 customers a week. But for us, you’re more than just a number in a queue. Every time you contact SunPower, we use it as a learning experience. Our team is trained to listen for opportunities to improve your overall SunPower experience in every conversation. They actively advocate for change on your behalf by sharing your ideas with SunPower leadership. 

In fact, when a technical error is brought to our attention, we do more than just work on the system of the homeowner that contacted us. SunPower looks for other products that might be experiencing similar issues and moves to correct those as well, oftentimes before those homeowners realize that something isn’t functioning properly.

3. Investing in our team 

While we are working to give you plenty of self-service options, there are times when you’ll need to reach out and talk with someone. SunPower understands that when this happens, you want to work with someone that is knowledgeable. That’s why we’re investing in better tools and training to ensure that our customer care employees develop expertise with our systems. From product knowledge to more technical aspects, we want them to know solar power like the back of their hand and we won’t stop until you see it for yourself.

When you choose SunPower, you aren’t just choosing industry-leading solar + storage solutions, you’re also putting your confidence in our team. That matters to us, so stay tuned as we continue working on ways to provide top-notch service. We believe that only through improving our customer experience can we make solar easy and accessible for all consumers.