Let’s go solar. Really fast.

SunPower Instant Design Technology


SunPower Instant Design is a one-of-a-kind technology
that creates solar designs in seconds.


Every roof is different; every solar installation is unique. Historically, estimating energy production and savings required manual designs created by solar experts.

Now with our patent-pending Instant Design technology, we're changing how homeowners and businesses go solar by helping them understand their solar potential in seconds.


Savings estimates at your convenience

SunPower Design Studio is our first product featuring Instant Design technology. Homeowners across the United States are creating thousands of designs per week with Design Studio.

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Building with new solar added

Perfect for solar big and small

SunPower Instant Design also works for commercial buildings. For homes, the technology creates a design and savings estimate in less than 30 seconds. For commercial roofs, Instant Design takes twice as long - about 60 seconds in total.

We're using Instant Design internally to assess commercial building portfolios in record time. We'll soon expand availability to our nationwide dealer network so that they can create commercial solar designs and savings estimates for their customers.

Read our recent blog post on Instant Design technology for commercial systems.


Behind the magic

Instant Design combines SunPower’s years of design experience, Google Cloud, and Google Sunroof data to create solar designs automatically. When a user enters an address, artificial intelligence recognizes the roof, obstructions, and trees. We then place panels according to local design rules.

Check out our guest post on the Google Cloud blog for more information on how we built Instant Design.


Instant Design Icons

The sun never sets on Instant Design

We’re planning to offer Instant Design via API to select customers worldwide. Send an address and the Instant Design API will return a solar design in seconds.

We’re expanding global coverage based on available digital surface models and parcel information. Email us today at to discuss joining the Instant Design API program.


See what your home looks like with solar by SunPower

SunPower® Design Studio

See what your home looks like with solar

SunPower currently creates thousands of solar designs per week for our customers. Now we can create thousands per second.

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