Special Notice: Recent Fraud Alert

SunPower takes your privacy and online security seriously. There has been an increase in online scams involving a fraudulent party extending interview invitations and job offers claiming to be a SunPower employee. We have seen attempts to set up fake interviews using online platforms like Google Chat, a platform that will never be used by a SunPower recruiter. 

These individuals advertise where real employers and job placement firms do. They make upbeat promises about your chances of employment, and virtually all of them ask you to pay for services. If you are being asked to pay for the promise of a job, it is likely a scam. SunPower does not ask you to pay for a position or technology associated with a position. 

If you believe you are a victim of a Job Scam or an attempt was made to defraud you, please contact the local authorities or file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) via their website.  

For more information, visit the FTC's guide on job scams.