More power in real-world conditions

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The highest efficiency AC solar panel available at 440-420 watts.


Delivers more power and savings, with fewer panels on your roof.


The most recent addition to our panel options for our SunPower Equinox® systems

Better solar panels, better solar warranty

SunPower Complete Confidence Warranty


Conventional Solar Panel Warranty*

Complete System

Removal of Defective Part

Installation of New Part



25 years

Product warranty term*

10 years

Power, product, and service, we’ve got you covered

While most solar warranties are full of headaches, the SunPower Complete Confidence Warranty keeps things simple with one company covering your entire system. And with rigorous testing and unmatched reliability, it’s best warranty you may never need to use.*

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Learn more about SunPower solar panels

How do solar panels work

How do solar panels work?

Learn more about how solar panels capture the sun's energy to power your home.

How Many Solar Panels to Power Home

How many solar panels do you need for your home?

To determine your home’s solar requirements look at past energy use in kilowatt hours, local climate patterns, available roof space, and other factors.

Our panel warranty vs. the competition

SunPower solar panel warranty vs. the competition

Get answers to frequently asked questions about solar warranties.

How much energy does a solar panel produce

How much energy does a solar panel produce?

The answer can help you decide how many panels your home will need.


How many solar panels do you need to charge an EV?

EVs are a great way to save on fuel costs and slash carbon emissions, too. But to gain the biggest benefit from switching to an EV, you need to consider how you’ll power it.

Solar battery storage system

Adding solar battery storage can boost your savings

With solar battery storage you can make your own clean energy, store your excess, and increase your home energy independence.

How Much Home Solar Panels Cost, SunPower Installer

How much do solar panels cost?

We look at the price per watt when figuring out the cost of going solar, but you may find it more useful to think about the price of leasing a solar system separately from the price to own one.


What to expect during your SunPower solar panel installation

While not every home solar system is the same, there’s a simple process we follow at SunPower. Let’s break it down into the six basic steps for going solar.

Frequently asked questions about SunPower solar panels

How much do SunPower solar panels cost?

Looking at national average pricing data, the cost of owning a 5 kW SunPower Equinox system ranges from $13,250 to $21,000, or from $2.65 to $4.20 per watt. And that’s before considering the benefits of any available tax credits, rebates or incentives*.

What makes SunPower solar technology better?

SunPower made it's name for offering the highest efficiency * solar panels, better performance and top quality installations. It all translates to better solar panels, more savings, and happier customers. Designed to work with SunPower Equinox home energy system, SunPower’s high-quality standards ensure that the solar cell technology makes more energy from every drop of sunshine. Factor in the elegant styling and durability, it’s no wonder our company has been leading the industry the longest.