SunPower Virtual Power Plants (VPP)

Get more out of SunVault storage

Eligible customers can use their SunVault battery storage to earn extra money,* without compromizing the security and resiliency of solar + battery storage. Join the SunPower Virtual Power Plant (VPP) in your area and get paid by participating utilities to use your SunVault storage system to ease strain on the electric grid.* 

What are Virtual Power Plants?

VPPs are networks of energy systems like your solar system and your SunVault system that together create a supply of clean energy across a region that is equivalent to the energy created by a traditional power plant. VPPs can increase grid reliability, lower peak-time costs and help reduce the need for unsustainable fossil fuel energy for everyone.

The modern electricity grid was built around the idea of centralization. Historically, electricity has come from large, fossil-fuel power plants that transmit energy to customers, often over miles of poles and wires.

But the world is changing rapidly. Now utility companies and SunPower are working together to use energy generated right in your neighborhood to create a more resilient, distributed and sustainable grid. With SunPower's SunVault storage solution, you have an opportunity to help create the grid of the future.

What is in it for you?


Earn extra cash

Sell energy stored in your SunVault back to the utility when it's needed and earn money every year on top of your electric bill savings and incentives.*

control your participation image

Control your participation

Maintain full control over your battery settings while participating in a VPP to make sure your goals are met. As your priorities change, you can adjust your battery reserve levels or even decide whether to opt out of specific VPP events.


Help your community

Share your energy and reduce demand during peak times for a cleaner, stronger power grid across your state. Sharing energy with the grid also helps prevent future coal and gas plants from being built to provide this extra supply of energy.

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SunPower customers with SunVault storage systems in select locations and utilities may be eligible to participate in Virtual Power Plants. See participating utilities below to enroll in available VPP programs in the mySunPower® app.

Frequently asked questions

How do Virtual Power Plants work?

VPPs can create value for the grid by helping hundreds of SunVault systems to ‘act’ like a power plant. Instead of the utility calling on dirtier fossil fuel plants during peak events (when electricity demand is high), the utility can rely on clean solar energy from a VPP of solar and storage systems, like your SunVault battery. VPPs generally pay customers by check or eGift card for sharing stored energy from their battery when the electric utility needs it.*

What VPPs am I eligible for?

VPPs are offered through SunPower and your utility. Currently, homeowners with SunVault storage in select locations may be eligible to participate in the following VPPs:

Can I still reserve backup energy for a power outage?

Yes! During scheduled events, your SunVault will continue to retain your selected reserve level of energy saved for unexpected outages. If at any time you want to reserve more battery capacity, you can adjust the setting in the mySunPower® app. During non-event days, your battery will operate based on your preferences. In some areas, your utility will not request an event if a severe storm or outage is forecasted.

How much should I expect to earn in incentives?

It depends on the opportunity and your participation. Some SunPower VPP opportunities offer a one-time payment to participate over a certain timeframe—often a summer season. Other SunPower VPPs reward you for the average stored energy your battery contributes.*

SunPower VPPs, like the one powered by OhmConnect in California, focus on reducing electricity usage during energy saving events. Rewards will vary depending on how much energy use you can avoid with your SunVault or just by turning off the lights.

Either way, SunPower VPPs can help you recoup your upfront investment in your solar and storage system with extra money or rewards.

How do I participate in a SunPower VPP?

Enroll: Homeowners with SunVault systems can use the mySunPower app to enroll in a VPP available in their area.

Participate: Once enrolled in the SunPower VPP, participation is effortless. The utility will call a VPP event and SunPower will set your battery to participate. You can choose your level of participation by:

  1. Adjusting your VPP battery reserve level (the level which the battery will stop discharging to maintain enough energy in case of a power outage).

  2. Opting out in case you have other energy priorities for the time period of the VPP event.

Remember: participation rates impact earnings.*  

Get notifications: Every VPP event command is communicated to you directly on your mySunPower app so you can stay informed and have easy access to adjust your settings. You can disable these notifications at any time.