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SunPower has been changing the way our world is powered with the world’s best solar for over 37 years. By providing builders across the nation with the only complete home solar + storage solution backed by one company, SunPower is the top choice for some of the nation’s top builders. Call 1-855-BUILD-02 (1-855-284-5302) today to learn more.

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SunPower provides multifamily builders with:

  • Rooftop and carport systems

  • Battery backup and EV charging

  • Design, permitting & project management

  • Code compliance and consultation

  • Revenue-generating strategies

  • Specialized financing options

The only complete home solar + storage solution designed and warrantied by one company

With the world moving more and more towards all-electric homes and vehicles, maximizing power and roof space is critical for any solar investment. The SunPower Equinox® solar system features the most efficient solar panels on the market.* And SunPower’s SunVault™ battery storage system integrates with Equinox to create the only home solar + storage solution designed and warranted by one company.

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  • *. Based on the top 20 panel manufacturers by market share in the US (per Wood Mackenzie US PV Leaderboard Q1 2022 report).

Solar system types for multifamily construction

There are several solar design criteria that can impact the economics of a construction project. Optimizing the right design - whether flat roof, sloped roof, carport or a combination – is essential to maximizing ROI.

Pros and Cons of Multifamily Solar for Sloped Roof

Sloped Roof Solar


  • Typically, most cost-effective​​

  • Tighter solar arrays with less setback and row spacing


  • Less access for maintenance​​

  • Can be challenging to design to optimal sun angle

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Pros and Cons of Multifamily Solar for Flat Roofs

Flat Roof Solar


  • Easy access for maintenance 

  • Greater ability to optimize to sun angle


  • Slightly more costly than sloped roof​​

  • Requires more space for setbacks and rows

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Solar Carport


  • Most space density for solar​​

  • Provides shaded parking​​

  • Couples well with EV charging​


  • Most costly due to sub-structure​​

  • Design and construction must be done early in building process​​

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Navigate Title 24 solar requirements

California Title 24 building standards mandate solar on all new residential construction three stories or less. And the upcoming code cycle will expand these requirements to all new construction regardless of size. With energy efficiency mandates here to stay, builders must now add solar to their list of code compliance considerations. SunPower can save you time and money by helping you plan your solar project and optimize your investment with higher NOI.

For more information, download these fact sheets.

Solar FAQ for multifamily builders, developers and architects

  1. How much of a community’s electrical consumption can be offset by solar?

    Given enough space for solar panels, it’s possible to size a large system enough to offset more than 100% of a multifamily community’s estimated energy consumption. While some multifamily developers choose to size a system just large enough to meet minimum requirements, many opt for a more comprehensive sizing strategy to achieve greater returns on the initial investment and lock in low-priced energy for the future.

  2. How will solar impact the economics of the project for my client?

    Although adding solar may require significant capital investment for those opting for an upfront purchase, SunPower offers several financing options which can reduce or even eliminate these out-of-pocket expenses. In either case, the savings and incentives with solar far outweigh the costs and can bring fantastic returns for many years to come. With multifamily solar, it is possible to see significant improvements to the net operating income (NOI) and cap rate for the community.

  3. Are there solar code requirements to consider?

    Yes. In California, and increasingly nationwide, authorities are adopting formal laws and building codes requiring high energy efficiency construction standards, including requirements for on-site solar generation. For multifamily communities in California, code requires solar on every residential unit in the community (with very few exceptions).

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EV Charging FAQ

  1. What kind of EV charging is appropriate for my multifamily community?

    Electric vehicle adoption is growing and here to stay. Multifamily developers can add EV charging as an amenity for their residents, and potentially leverage it as a long-term revenue stream. Builders can 1) make a percentage of tenant parking areas “EV ready” to satisfy immediate codes; 2) install a few Level II EV chargers in communal parking areas, or 3) embrace a more comprehensive plan for smart EV charging/billing to spread throughout the community. SunPower can help builders identify what is best for you, based on your community.

  2. What percentage of parking areas are necessary for today and into the future?

    Currently in California and elsewhere, code requirements mandate a small percentage of multifamily parking areas be designated as “EV ready” (typically 5%-10% depending on the code cycle). Exactly what EV-ready entails is a bit open for interpretation. Nonetheless, with the growth projections for electric vehicle sales, many multifamily developers are preparing for widespread EV adoption and setting up electrical infrastructure for future expansion.

  3. Are there ways to prepare the infrastructure now for future retrofit?

    Yes. Many multifamily developers are opting to prepare the necessary infrastructure (conduits, pull boxes, breakers, electrical panels, etc.) for future EV expansion and retrofit. The time to incorporate this infrastructure is well in advance of the early construction cycle before foundations and hardscaping are poured.

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