The SunPower Foundation was created to empower, inspire and motivate a new generation of solar energy leaders in communities around the world. We are driven by an appreciation of the environment and a desire to preserve it. Solar energy has the power to transform the way people around the world use electricity—improving our communities and our planet. Explore all SunPower Foundation projects and learn how you can help the renewable energy movement. We are a nonprofit organization focused on solar issues, such as:

  • Developing and distributing solar power education tools
  • Funding non-profit organizations that promote the use of solar power
  • Providing SunPower employees and partners with opportunities to support community-based solar power initiatives
SunPower Foundation Get Involved
Get Involved

Having a positive impact is simpler than you think. Together, we can raise awareness and encourage the use of clean, renewable solar energy. Learn more about SunPower Foundation projects and become a community solar advocate.