• Connected Communities

    Building Sustainable Microgrid Communities

    SunPower Solar + Storage is included in KB Home’s Oak Shade and Durango new home communities.

Introducing Energy Smart Connected Communities

Purchasing a new home just got more sustainable and resilient. SunPower, KB Home and other energy leaders have joined forces to create two KB Home new homes communities that are the first of their kind, offering a blueprint for more sustainable and resilient communities in the future.

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How Do Energy Smart Connected Communities Work?

Energy Smart Connected Communities change how individual homes interact with the electrical grid—and each other—for more reliable, resilient and low-cost energy.

As seen in the video above, every home in the community comes equipped with its own SunPower Equinox® solar system and SunVault® battery storage. During normal grid operations, the homes maintain regular utility service, but in an outage, they can operate as a self-supporting microgrid, drawing energy from their individual SunVault storage systems as well as from a large community battery. Together, they’re designed to support critical loads such as lights, refrigeration and WiFi, as well as additional high-capacity loads like HVAC and hot water. When the sun is shining, individual and community batteries are continually recharged using excess solar generation until grid connection returns.

Additional energy services offered by SunPower will allow residents to enroll in a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) program through which their battery storage, EV chargers and other flexible loads will automatically dispatch to reduce strain on the distribution grid. VPP participants can be compensated for the valuable service their devices provide to the power grid, helping to prevent future outages and making the grid cleaner and more resilient for everyone.

Fully Equipped from the Start


All 219 KB homes in the new Durango and Oak Shade communities will be built to meet Zero Energy Ready Home criteria from the Department of Energy (DOE). Each home includes a SunPower Equinox® solar system, 13kWh SunVault® Storage battery, high efficiency appliances, flexible loads such as heat pump water heaters and HVAC systems and other smart technologies like the Square D™ Energy Center and Connected Wiring Devices. Each is also wired to accommodate electric vehicle (EV) chargers, and some will test bidirectional EV charging, enabling homeowners to use their EV as an additional source of energy during an outage.

The DOE selected this project as one of ten Connected Communities initiatives, a program aimed at accelerating renewable energy adoption and grid resilience. The DOE awarded a $6.65 million grant to support the design, development and construction of two community microgrids and plans to study the results over a four-year period to help inform new home community development in the future.


Powered by Clean Energy

Every home in these new communities is built to maximize electricity generation and energy savings.


SunPower Equinox® Home Solar System

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SunPower® SunVault® Storage System

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Wallbox EV Charger

Smart EV charging technology is made simple with Wallbox EV chargers that are compact, convenient, affordable and sustainable. Type 4 rated for dust and water resistance, the chargers are suitable for indoor and outdoor installations.

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