National Tour Highlights Next Gen Solar Technology

October 22, 2019

We're taking this trailer on the road to host events designed to help SunPower dealers learn about our latest products and sales tools.

If you spot this colorful 32-foot trailer on our nation’s highways in the coming month, give our dedicated  solar trainers a wave hello.

The team aboard the SunPower Equinox Roadshow rig are some seriously dedicated solar industry professionals. They are so committed to changing how our world is powered that they’re traveling thousands of miles to bring SunPower’s latest solar technology to the hometowns of more than 500 SunPower dealers and prospective dealers. (And rest assured, we’ve purchased carbon offsets to make up for any related emissions.)

So why is Technical Trainer John Dee visiting 14 cities in eight states, coast-to-coast in 40 days? It’s SunPower’s mission that keeps him going through miles of cornfield views and meals at truck stop diners.

“We’re saving Earth's atmosphere by decreasing our demand on fossil fuels, thus decreasing the carbon footprint, creating healthier air and harnessing all the free energy we receive from the Sun,” Dee said.

Dee and team, including his training colleagues Tim Coats and Marlon Musselman, are not just driving solar equipment around. The truck unfolds into a customized solar showroom. It’s a product expo featuring a life size SunPower® Equinox Storage battery; a fold-down rooftop, where Dee and team show how easy it is to install our new A-Series panels; and digital stations for exploring online solar tools for customers and dealers.

If you’re a solar homeowner, we hope this shows how committed we are to ensuring that these sales and solar installation teams  — locally owned businesses based in your communities — are equipped with the best industry know-how so they can provide a superior installation of your home solar system.

We’re also making a couple of extra stops to thank our customers and answer questions from the public. The solar roadshow trekked to Goshen, New York, where nine families on one street have gone solar with SunPower by New York State Solar Farm. On Saturday we will be in Ventura, Ca., with SunPower Elite Dealer California Solar Electric to show some appreciation for another nine solar customers in a neighborhood that nearly two years ago was destroyed by the Thomas Fire. If you’re in the area, please stop by to learn more about going solar.

Solar Roadshow helps our dealers be more successful

If you’re a solar salesperson — whether installing or non-installing — and you’d like to work with a company with more than 30 years of experience, the SunPower Equinox Roadshow is for you. It’s your chance to meet our technical, digital and sales experts in and find out how we can help grow your business.

If you already sell SunPower, this is a day-long free course that will get you ready for all we have to offer in 2020.

Our seasoned crew of subject matter experts in sales and technical fields spend the first half of the  session out at the roadshow trailer for alive installation demonstration. There’s also a hotel classroom session to demonstrate the value of the complete solution from SunPower. After a break, it’s back out to the product expo for informal Q&A, one-on-one time with the experts and an opportunity to check out the interactive digital stations. If you’re new to SunPower, you would attend the afternoon portion of the event only.

We want to make sure our solar sales teams out in the field understand and take advantage of all that SunPower provides for their success:  leads, appointments, products and digital solutions.

We hope the solar roadshow demonstrates the power of a partnership with SunPower, a relationship we like to call The Power of One®.

Find a Solar Roadshow near you

Upcoming solar roadshow cities and dates are listed below. Register for more details and exact locations.

Tuesday, Oct. 22, Fresno, CA

Thursday, Oct. 24, Burbank, CA

Friday, Oct. 25, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Saturday, Oct. 26, Ventura, CA

Tuesday, Oct. 29, San Diego/Escondido, CA

Monday, Nov. 4, Phoenix/Tempe, AZ

Wednesday, Nov. 6, Las Vegas, Nevada

Friday, Nov . 8, Sacramento/Roseville, CA

Can’t make one of these stops? Don’t worry. Follow SunPower on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn for announcements about the next solar roadshow, set for Spring 2020.

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