Design a SunPower Home Solar System Today in 30 Seconds

By:Terrence Brown

September 9, 2019

Ben Anderson of Fresno, Calif., designed his own home solar system using our new web app, SunPower Design Studio.

Today we're excited to announce SunPower Design Studio, an interactive web app that enables homeowners to create their own home solar designs in less than 30 seconds.

When trying to understand solar savings, homeowners often spend hours online sorting through websites and trying savings calculators. To understand true savings — and to see what solar might look like on your roof — you need a personalized solar system design.

Solar design is a complex process. Typically, an energy expert uses software applications to mock up panels on a roof and estimate energy production and potential savings. Manual design can be time-consuming because every roof has a unique orientation, physical features, and potential shading from nearby buildings and trees. Even the fastest assessment can take 30 minutes or longer.

Until now.

Home solar design faster, more accurate than ever

SunPower is changing the way homeowners go solar with SunPower Design Studio. With our new web app, you can see solar panels on your own roof rather than on a generic rendering or a model home. Click to add panels while watching energy production and savings increase in real time.

We first piloted SunPower Design Studio with residents of Fresno and San Diego, Calif. The response has been great: Homeowners have created hundreds of designs, and some have already decided to go solar based on their creations.

Ben Andersen, a software designer who moved to Fresno from the San Francisco Bay Area, created an optimized home solar design with Design Studio. Andersen's challenge was to power 100 percent of his home's energy needs on a roof with limited south-facing space.

He created multiple designs to maximize his roof's potential. He and his wife then compared design options side-by-side from the comfort of their living room couch.

"The app showed us exactly where the panels will go, and more details were available with just the click of a button. The important initial information was right there," Andersen said.

Andersen is having his SunPower® solar system installed by a local SunPower Master Dealer, SunPower by Quality Home Services.

SunPower Design Studio uses SunPower Instant Design technology, our industry-first technology that analyzes a home and its roof in seconds. Instant Design combines SunPower's years of design experience, Google Cloud, and Google Sunroof data to create custom solar power designs nearly instantly.

For additional support as you customize your design, SunPower representatives are available by phone or live chat. Once you create a design that fits your energy needs, a SunPower representative will connect you with a local dealer who will make your virtual home solar design a money-saving reality.

We're thrilled to be at the forefront of making it easier for homeowners to go solar.