Going Solar is Simple with SunPower App

By:Martin DeBono

March 14, 2018

SunPower's home solar quote app makes meeting with a solar advisor quick and easy.

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Do you want to save money with solar, but you’re worried that the process might be too complicated? Allow us to introduce you to a SunPower® digital app that makes getting a customized home solar quote from your local SunPower dealer simple and fast.

We created the app so customers who sit down with a SunPower dealer in their home or at a local showroom can see exactly how many panels they’ll need, where those panels will go and how much money they can save, among other details such as cost and environmental benefits.

The app makes switching to solar energy easy. With the click of a button, homeowners can select their panels right at the kitchen table and see how much electricity their solar system can produce.

Take a look at this video and read on to learn how the process works.

How SunPower Prepares Your Home Solar Quote

To prepare a home solar quote, a SunPower dealer first will look at your annual utility bill costs. This information is entered into the app, which takes your address and uses satellite imagery to measure the sunlight and shading that hits your roof to generate an initial proposal for how our SunPower® Equinox™ solar technology can generate clean energy for your home.

Equinox is our most powerful all-in-one home solar system. It offers maximum flexibility, which means your solar expert can easily add or subtract the number of panels and wattage types based on your roof size, energy needs and budget.

Designing Your Home Solar System

With the needed data already analyzed via the app, your SunPower dealer will set an appointment to visit your home and present the proposal on a tablet or laptop computer.  The dealer will show you how your SunPower solar panels will look on your roof with a summary of financing information and a mockup of your home’s solar system.

For some homeowners, everything will look perfect and on budget. But what if you decide you’d like fewer panels, or want more powerful panels? Maybe you’d prefer panels on two sides of the roof instead of in one location? Or, what if you’d rather have our elegant SunPower® Signature™ Black X-Series solar panels?  

Your solar advisor can make these changes in real-time, adding or subtracting panels during your appointment.

Seeing instantly how design changes will look on your roof is one thing, but the app also shows you how those changes can affect how much electricity your system will generate, which impacts your financial projections and savings.

You can compare solar financing options, allowing you to easily compare the benefits of a cash purchase vs. a solar lease or a loan with a down payment option. With each option, the app will estimate your savings, payback and return on investment.

You’ll see the costs and benefits of reducing your utility bill by 100 percent or just by 80 percent. For example, if you’re planning to buy an electric vehicle, you may want a larger system to make sure that you can generate enough solar energy to charge your vehicle.

As you can see, the solar quote process can be easy, flexible and fast with SunPower, letting you design a custom solar panel system that fits the roof of your home and meets your budget and energy savings goals.

Visit our solar savings calculator to see whether solar may be right for your home.

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