SunPower is a Leader in New Home Solar Installations

By:Matt Brost

May 30, 2018

A community of solar homes in El Dorado Hills, Calif., where all new homes will be required to have solar panels starting in 2020.

California’s decision to require solar on virtually all new homes starting in 2020 sets a remarkable example for our nation when it comes to reducing fossil fuel emissions that pollute our air and contribute to global warming.

Unanimously approved by the California Energy Commission, the decision is expected to have a massive impact on the demand for rooftop solar in the Golden State — already a leader when it comes to the amount of PV (photovoltaic) solar installed, with 5.2 million solar homes, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association.

The decision, an update to Title 24, the state’s building energy efficiency standards, is clear proof that solar makes financial sense. By lowering - or sometimes eliminating - electricity expenses, solar reduces the cost of home ownership, whether you’re buying a newly constructed residence or retrofitting an existing home.

Energy efficient homes are not just a trend being driven by lawmakers: At least a third of single family and multifamily builders said in a survey that green building represents more than 60 percent of their portfolio, according to an article by the National Association of Home Builders, and customer demand is among the key drivers of that trend.

Benefits of buying a new home with solar

SunPower understands the new homes solar market like no other solar company. We pioneered the solar movement with homebuilders and secured strong contractual agreements with most of the nation’s largest home builders. Since launching our builder-focused channel in 2006 we’ve installed solar systems on more than 30,000 new homes in more than 1,000 communities.

Thanks to innovative state programs and progressive builders, you don’t have to wait until it’s mandated to find a new solar home. In places such as California, where the sun is abundant and electricity rates are some of the highest in the country, the financial rewards of living in a solar home are substantial. Not only can you enjoy lower electricity bills, solar will help shield you from utility rate increases, and your home will likely have a higher resale value. And if you purchase your solar system, you can qualify for a 30 percent federal solar investment tax credit.*

What to expect during buying process

If you want to buy a new home with solar, SunPower can help you find a builder in your area and can advise you on the many features and benefits of buying a home with solar already built in. (Note: Some new homes in California may be exempt from the requirement due to existing shading from trees and buildings, but that likelihood is low.)

Currently, our participating builders are adding solar to entire communities, which drives efficiency, quality and systems integration. The resulting benefit to the customer is that we provide lower cost electricity when compared to how one traditionally thinks about buying energy. To help our homebuyers make informed decisions, SunPower provides each buyer with a custom energy consultation. Whether you’re choosing to invest in owning your system or purchasing lower cost electricity from SunPower via a lease, our solar consultation is designed to help customers make the best choice for their family and that new house they will call “home” for years to come.

Why buy a new home with SunPower® solar

SunPower is putting its flagship product into every new home we’re powering. If you buy a home from a builder that uses SunPower® solar technology, you’ll be getting our popular and attractive Equinox® solar solution. That means your home will be equipped with the most efficient, durable solar you can buy* — designed to generate 60 percent more energy in the same space over 25-years compared to conventional panels* and with a best-in-industry 25-year home solar system warranty combining product and power output.

If you’re a builder looking for a solar company to help you meet California’s new homes solar requirement, SunPower offers more than three decades of experience in designing and manufacturing solar and has more than 12 years of experience working with high production homebuilders to design, install and manage the largest fleet of new home systems in the U.S. We’re known for operational excellence on high-volume projects, so there’s no risk of delayed construction schedules or worse, delayed closings. We also understand the importance of keeping costs down while still providing tremendous value to both the builder and the homebuyer.

We’re looking forward to the coming home solar boom in California and the rest of the nation.