What is PERC solar cell technology?

Below you will find information on PERC solar cell technology. Check out our related articles if you would like to learn more about IBC solar cell technology, or read our blog on the best type of solar panels.

There are many kinds of solar panel technologies for customers to choose from. “Passivated Emitter and Rear Contact” solar cells, known as PERC solar cells, are becoming more common today as an option for making solar panels. PERC solar cells are modified conventional cells that enable the cells to produce 6 to 12 percent more energy than conventional solar panels. PERC solar cells have an extra layer within the back side of the cell. This allows some of the sun’s rays to reflect back into the solar cell, giving them another opportunity to be turned into energy.

Since PERC solar cells are a modification of conventional cells, they can be manufactured using the same equipment. This makes it easy for manufacturers to change and produce the higher efficient cells. With the higher efficient cells, it will take fewer panels to produce the same amount of electricity when compared to a conventional panel.

However, this modification creates a vulnerability within the technology. Most PERC solar panels have metal strips or ribbons running through them. If these strips crack or disconnect, they are more likely to lose the ability to generate electricity. SunPower PERC panels, in our Performance series, replace the traditional metal strip with a strong, flexible conductive adhesive, allowing for the panels to better withstand temperature changes. SunPower P-Series panels generate 35% more energy over 25 years in the same space compared to other PERC panels.*