SunVault™ Storage General System and LED Panel Info

Solar + Storage + Peace of Mind

Your home is now equipped for backup battery power with SunPower® SunVault™ Storage. Once your system is activated, if the utility power goes out—your lights will stay on.

This guide walks you through all the key information you need to know about your new energy system. 


1 SunVault™ Battery

Advanced battery technology stores solar energy for maximum efficiency and allows more charge cycles than conventional storage systems.

2 Hub+™

Houses backed-up circuits and controls your solar + storage system for optimal performance and seamless transitions from utility power to battery power.

3 LED Panel

Provides up-to-date information about system status, energy use and in-app alerts.

SunVault Storage General System and LED Panel Info

System Overview

Powered by lithium iron phosphate battery packs and an advanced battery inverter, SunVault™ Storage integrates with your SunPower Equinox® system to provide energy, monitoring and intelligence to optimally power your home—with or without grid power.

LED Panel

4 Battery Icon

Illuminated orange when your home is off grid and running on SunVault power. This icon will only be illuminated when the utility grid is not available, and your home is running on solar and battery power alone.

5 Grid Icon

Illuminated white when your home is powered by the grid and running on utility power. This icon will be illuminated when SunVault is charging during the day and powering the home at night when the utility grid is available. 

Note: The grid icon will still be illuminated white even if SunVault is discharging and no energy is being imported from the utility grid. 

6 Connectivity Icon

  • Illuminated white when SunVault is connected to your home WiFi network.

  • Illuminated orange when SunVault is temporarily communicating through cellular backup. When the Connectivity icon is orange, please reconnect to your home’s WiFi network through the mySunPower app. 

  • Illuminated red when your system is not connected to the internet. When the Connectivity icon is red, please reconnect to your home’s WiFi network through the mySunPower app.

7 Notification Icon

Illuminates white when there’s a message for you in your mySunPower app.

8 Alert Icon

When illuminated red, check your mySunPower app for related messages.

9 Charge Level

This vertical light bar indicates SunVault’s state of charge (SOC) level and system status.

  • During backup/off-grid operation: Orange lights moving downward indicate that your SunVault system is discharging (using) battery power; whereas orange lights moving upward indicate that your system is charging.

  • During on-grid operation: White lights moving downward indicate that your SunVault system is discharging (using) battery power; whereas white lights moving upward indicate that your system is charging.

If the lights are moving rapidly during a utility outage, we recommend turning off appliances and other loads that are less crucial to decrease your electricity use  for the duration of the outage. Prioritizing energy use for the critical loads (refrigerators and select lighting) is important for extended backup operation and aids in conserving energy available for your essential needs.*

SunVault Storage General System and LED Panel Info

Care and Maintenance

Your SunVault™ Storage System requires very little regular maintenance. But here are a few simple ways to keep it in optimal condition:

  • Keep the ambient temperature around your system within the range of 15° F to 113° F. Extreme temperatures will limit system operation.

  • Avoid physical damage to all system components.

  • Keep liquids away from all components.

  • Keep the area around system components clear of debris and other items to allow ventilation.

  • Do not paint the enclosure of your Hub+™ or SunVault™ Battery.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my system?

Your system is designed to update automatically, so you shouldn't need to reset the system yourself. If a manual restart is ever required, turn off all appliances and reset your system using the mySunPower™ app.

Can my battery charge from the grid?

Your system is designed to charge solely from solar energy to maximize tax benefits. When you're in Self-Supply mode or Cost Savings mode (you can change these settings in the app), SunVault™ Storage will automatically charge at the best time based on your local energy rates, whenever excess solar is available.

How long does it take to charge my battery?

This depends on the size of your solar system and the amount of solar energy available, which varies by weather and time of day. Typically, larger solar systems charge faster. If you have a smaller solar system, and want to preserve power for an unexpected outage, you can select a higher reserve energy threshold in the mySunPower™ app to ensure more battery power is available.

  • *. The ability to provide electricity during peak times and during an outage will vary based on the amount of energy stored in the battery, wattage and duration of use of devices/appliances connected to the system, the battery’s ability to recharge during daylight hours, and other factors. Storage system should not be relied upon as a power source for critical medical devices.