SunPower Complete Confidence Warranty Frequently Asked Questions

SunPower stands behind our products with our industry-leading warranty and is dedicated to providing you with best-in-class service for your entire solar system. Unsure if your needed repair is covered under warranty? Learn more about what's covered, common exclusions and how SunPower can assist.

What's the advantage of a single warranty from one company?

Other home solar company warranties often include hidden charges, such as shipping and labor costs, and don't cover the many parts that go into a working solar system, such as panels, inverters, racking system, monitoring hardware and software. SunPower offers one comprehensive warranty covering parts and labor for all SunPower components. This includes a 25-year product and power warranty for our panels and a 10-year warranty and unlimited cycles for SunVault® storage. If there is an issue, you have just one phone call to make.

What does it mean when product and power warranties have different lengths of coverage?

Homeowners should be suspicious of product and power warranties with separate lengths of terms. Product warranties cover defects and power warranties cover how much power the system is producing. What's the value of a longer power warranty if the product generating the power breaks and is no longer warranted?

Is shipping and labor included as part of warranty coverage?

Hardware is only part of the total cost of getting a home equipped with solar. Other costs include product shipping, handling/packaging, installation and other labor costs. SunPower covers all of this for issues under warranty because we know that anything short of end-to-end coverage could result in homeowners unexpectedly having to pay extra hidden costs.

What if I have an installation-related issue?

Installation, workmanship, defects and roof warranties fall under SunPower's comprehensive warranty, separate from our product warranties. Please reach out directly to your installer for assistance with addressing these types of issues.

What if my original installer goes out of business? Who will cover my warranty?

If your SunPower dealer is no longer available, you can reach out directly to SunPower and we will connect you with an installer to help diagnose and resolve your issue.

What happens to my warranty if SunPower is no longer around?

SunPower has been the standard in solar for nearly 40 years, in fact we're the only U.S.-based solar company that's been around longer than our 25-year warranty. While no company can guarantee they will be around forever, we have a proven track record of quality and reliability that should inspire confidence in your investment in our products. Other manufacturers may offer things like PV panel warranty insurance, which like any insurance policy, is riddled with fine print, and incorporates confusing details like high deductibles (also known as self-insured retention, SIR) or limits to payouts. By purchasing high quality, reliable panels from SunPower, you're more likely to see a return on your investment for years to come.

What is not covered under the SunPower Product Warranty?

Here are some of the most common limitations to the SunPower Limited Product Warranty:

  • Damage caused by natural forces (tornado, flood, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.).

  • Defects or issues relating to existing electrical components at the installation site.

  • Damage caused to the system by animals or pests.

  • Products or systems repaired, altered or modified by someone other than an approved service technician of SunPower.

  • Ordinary wear and tear or cosmetic imperfections that do not impact system operation.

  • Products exposed to conditions that exceed voltage, wind, or snow load specifications.

  • SunPower modules combined with third-party products deemed by SunPower to be incompatible for use with its products or systems.

  • Storage systems located in temperatures outside of 14°F to 122°F.

  • Diagnostic work on parts and systems no longer covered by the warranty.

  • Assistance with resetting the Wi-Fi password on the monitoring unit.

What happens if I need out of warranty work?

If the problem is determined to fall outside of the warranty, you may choose to work with SunPower as your service provider for out of warranty repair work. Customers who contact SunPower with technical issues are routed to our technical support team for remote troubleshooting assistance. If a site visit is needed to diagnose the problem and repair the system, we will schedule a service technician. The service technician will discuss any charges related to out of warranty work with you before moving forward with services.

Will I be charged for non-warranty service calls?

SunPower customers who have purchased their system may be required to pay a service fee if the cause of the problem is out of warranty. Lease customers may also be charged if the service call is unrelated to product issues, power generation or workmanship.

What does the service fee for non-warranty work cover?

The service fee covers a visit by the technician for work that is determined to fall outside of the warranty. In many cases, the technician can resolve the issue on site for no additional cost. In other instances, they may need to order a part or schedule a follow-up visit to complete the repair. If this is the case, SunPower will provide an estimate to you for the additional part(s) and labor before proceeding.

Can I use a different company to complete repairs on my SunPower system?

Customers are welcome to use a different service provider to resolve the issue. However, if you use another company that is not authorized by SunPower it may void the remaining warranty.

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