Solar Energy for Lower Bills and Peace of Mind in Sacramento


Quick Stats

Location: Sacramento, California

System Size: 4.25kW

System type: SunPower Equinox® and SunVault® Storage

Projected savings over life of the system: $9,952

Estimated electricity offset: 163%

A Sacramento homeowner concerned about her high electric bills was eager to cut costs and eliminate the uncertainty of ever-increasing electricity rates. After careful research, she chose to work with Northern California-based solar company SolarHut, LLC, who guided her to select a SunPower Equinox solar system, known for its exceptional performance and reliability. 

The SolarHut team designed and installed the 4.25kW system to complement the tile roof of the home. Once the 10-panel solar system was in place, the homeowner was excited to see an immediate reduction in electricity costs.

In addition to generating clean energy for the home’s direct use, the system stores excess energy for peak times and power outages through the SunVault storage system.

The solar + storage system is designed to offset an impressive 163% of the home's average electricity use to help provide this homeowner with a quick return on her investment.

Locking in savings for years to come

The long-term cost savings associated with a solar power solution paired with energy storage are particularly advantageous for homeowners who live in areas with high electricity rates and fluctuating power grid stability, such as California. 

In addition to a federal tax credit, the homeowner took advantage of a $300 incentive through the Sacramento Municipal Utility District. While these credits significantly reduced the cost of the solar system, the lower monthly electricity costs and potential return on investment were even more important to her. She can easily monitor her solar energy production, use and ongoing savings by using the mySunPower® app with her Equinox system.

In addition to the peace of mind that comes with lower utility bills, this homeowner was also pleased with the environmental benefits of switching to solar power. By installing a solar panel system, she is able to make a meaningful reduction in her carbon footprint, contributing to environmental protection as a California homeowner and supporting the state's ambitious goal of achieving 100% clean energy by 2045.

For their efforts on this project, the SolarHut team won a 2022 SunPower Excellence in Design and Installation Award, recognizing solar installation projects that exemplify the company's commitment to outstanding system aesthetics, quality, performance and customer satisfaction.

Going solar for this Sacramento homeowner was definitely a win, with bill savings, environmental benefits and energy independence that will last for decades to come.

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