Overview of the Online Monitoring System

If you're going to spend all this money on a solar system, you're going to want to know if it's working, right? That's why a solar monitoring system is a must-have. It's going to let you keep an eagle eye on how your solar system is performing. It also makes it easy to show off your solar system to friends, staff, and the community. Just go online and you'll be able to view your current kilowatt-hour production.

What is a SunPower Monitoring System?

The SunPower Monitoring System (EnergyLink™) is a performance monitoring system that uses a combination of hardware, firmware and software to gather data so that customers can see what their solar system produces, their energy use and estimated bill savings.

Components of a SunPower Monitoring System

  1. EnergyLink™ Hardware – the box that collects information from the inverter and sends the report back to SunPower server using the internet

  2. EnergyLink™ Software - SunPower customer portal app that you can download. It is where you can monitor your system performance, show off your environmental savings, get answers to your support questions, and more. If you have the optional consumption meter installed with your system, you can also monitor how much energy you're using and compare it to what you're producing

What can you inside the EnergyLink™ Software?

EnergyLink Dashboard

Dashboard – shows energy production, energy mix, estimated bill savings and environmental savings

Graphs – displays the current state of your system and the power your system generates over a given amount of time. You may click on the calendar icon and enter a date range to view your generated solar energy

Support – It is where you can access frequently asked questions and downloadable documents

Settings – It is where you can access your system components and change the settings of your monitoring system