Warranty Assignment and Transfer Form

Before submitting your request:

  • 1

    This form is only to begin the process of transferring your warranty. Warranty rights may be assigned and transferred to subsequent assignees subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the limited product and power warranty for the PV System being assigned and transferred.

  • 2

    To be completed by Seller or Seller’s agent when a contract is signed during the sale of a home.

    Please fill out completely and attach a copy of the Preliminary Title Report.

  • 3

    By completing this form you confirmed that you have received permission from all relevant parties to provide their personal information to SunPower and to initiate the home sale process with SunPower.

  • 4

    Exhibit A: Attach written substantiation of ownership transfer of your real property, including but not limited to deed transfer or sales documents for the property upon which the PV System is installed.

Attach Exhibit A Document:

New Owner Information