Lease Changes

Before submitting your request:

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    This document initiates the process necessary to assign the lease referenced below (“Lease”) to one of the current co-lessees or co-residents, who will continue to reside at the Premises (as defined in the Lease) following the assignment of the Lease.

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    By completing this form you confirmed that you have received permission from all relevant parties to provide their personal information to SunPower and to initiate the home sale process with SunPower.

  • 4

    If this form is completed by or received from an authorized third-party. It must be accompanied by a document granting the third-party valid authority to act on behalf to the leesee (e.g an Educated Power of Attorney, Signed letter of authorized from Leesee, or other written authorization from the Leesee). Failure to provide this documentation may delay the processing of your request.

Attach Exhibit A Document:

Lessee's Contact Information

New Lesse's Contact Information (The individual assuming the Lease)