How is my system monitored?

The PV Supervisor 6 (PVS6) is the brains of the SunVault system and is housed inside the Hub+™. Maintaining a stable internet connection to the PVS6 is important for the monitoring of your SunVault system, because any loss of internet connection may affect data reporting timeliness as well as the transmission of any software or firmware updates. If your internet connection is lost, that status will display in the SYSTEM CONNECTION section (tap PROFILE in your mySunPower app to view this section).

The preferred communication modes are either through WiFi or Ethernet connection to your home router. For increased security purposes, you may choose to set up a password-protected guest network solely for your SunVault’s use. Doing so enables you to isolate the SunVault system from other internet-of-things (IoT) devices and from your home’s main network.