How do I determine where I should pay?

To determine where you should pay:

  • Log into the mySunPower® app or web portal

    To access billing related information, go to Profile and select Payments in your account to find your financing type. You will be routed to your corresponding payment portal.

  • Look at your invoice from SunPower

    Is the below your invoice from SunPower? If you receive an invoice from, you are a lease/PPA customer and can pay your monthly invoice or your down payment here.

    lease1 0

    Is the below your invoice from SunPower Financial™ ( Then you are a RIC/loan customer and can pay here.

    screenshot-2023-04-11-at-1.19.53-pm 0

If you do not have an invoice from SunPower or SunPower Financial, please reach out to your loan provider to determine the correct payment portal.

Are you making a down payment on a loan or are you a cash customer?

Pay here.

Still need help?

Call us at 800-786-7693 Monday through Friday, 6am – 7pm PST and Saturday, 6am – 7pm PST and we will be happy to assist you.