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The state of solar power in San Antonio, TX

San Antonio, TX, is in the top ten locations for solar power generation in the U.S. The Shining Cities 2019 report ranked the city 7th for total solar installations in the country. The per capita ranking is slightly lower coming in at 12th place.

San Antonio's location at the edge of the solar hot-zone in the US makes it an excellent location for solar power generation, with plenty of sunny days and above-average levels of solar radiation.

How much solar power does San Antonio, TX produce?

With 186.9 MW of total solar installation capacity, only Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Honolulu, San Jose, and New York surpass San Antonio's solar production. Excluding New York, all of those cities are in the middle of the solar hot-zone in the U.S. San Antonio's per capita numbers sit at 123.6 watts per person.

Texas has always been one of the largest adopters of solar power in the U.S., with solar installations capable of producing 3,420.74 MW, good enough to rank 4th in the country. What is especially impressive is the state's expected growth in the next five years. Texas is expected to add 13,478 MW of solar installations to their grid, quadrupling their total solar capacity.

Is solar power generation feasible in San Antonio, TX?

Texas is currently producing enough solar energy to power more than 350,000 homes

Texas is a very large state with a diverse climate and geography.. Luckily, San Antonio is located in South Texas, falling close enough to the solar sweet spot in the U.S. to have above-average solar production potential.

San Antonio receives slightly above 4.5 hours per square meter per day of solar radiation, depending on the index used. These numbers aren’t as high as, say Phoenix, but they are more than ample for sufficient solar power generation.

How can I start using solar in San Antonio, TX?

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