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The state of solar power in Austin, TX

Since the turn of the 20th century, Texas has been synonymous with oil. Entrepreneurs, such as Sid Richardson, Clint Murchison, and Hugh Roy Cullen, made a name for themselves pioneering the oil fields from the Permian Basin to the Gulf of Mexico. One century later, though, and the state is seeing a shift towards more renewable energy.

Solar capacity in Texas has increased more than 13-fold in the last five years alone. Cities, like Austin, have led the movement toward energy independence thanks to simple permitting and incentives for solar panel installation. The state's western frontier also has one of the highest potentials for solar generation in the country.

How much solar power does Austin, TX produce?

As of 2019, the state of Texas can produce 3,421 kW, which is the fourth most of any state behind California, North Carolina, and Arizona. The production level marks an enormous leap forward in Texas' solar capacity. Five years ago, it was only at 215.9 kW, while a decade ago, it was at 4.4 kW.

Austin has been among the cities leading the way towards a future with more renewable energy. The city has a goal of 65 percent renewable energy by 2027, which would be a jump from the current 41 percent. It also has emphasized affordable net-zero homes.

Is solar power generation feasible in Austin, TX?

SunPower solar in Austin, TX

Yes, solar power generation is feasible in Austin. The city has 228 sunny days per year, which outpaces the national average of 205. Austin also receives 34 percent less precipitation, so there are fewer days that are partially or entirely cloudy.

The feasibility of solar power is evident in the state-wide commitment to renewable energies. Currently, 408,234 homes in Texas are solar-powered. The state has also invested $5.1 billion into making solar a viable long-term option.

Perhaps most importantly, the future is promising. For starters, the cost of solar power has already fallen 36 percent over the last half-decade. Experts project the state to produce 13,478 MW over the next five years, which would be the second only California.

How can I start using solar in Austin, TX?

Discover what has made Austin one of the best cities in the U.S. for solar power generation. Whether you are a homeowner, business or homebuilder, SunPower has services and products to suit your needs. Request a free savings estimate to get started and find out how much you can save with SunPower® solar.

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