What Factors into the Cost of a Solar System?

January 20, 2022

Cost of a Solar System

There’s no doubt about it, the home solar market is growing at a rapid rate. With the increased risk of power outages due to extreme weather and high demand, more and more homeowners are looking to take control of their electricity. But for many, the burning question seems to be how much will energy independence cost them?

Believe it or not, there are quite a few factors that contribute to the price tag of solar power. Probably the most obvious expense is the hardware. Several components make up a solar system. The solar panel alone features solar cells, inverters and mounting hardware. Then there are wires, conduits, racking – you get the picture. SunPower pairs world-class technology with high quality solutions that output more power than a conventional solar system. In fact, a SunPower® solar system produces up to 55% more solar energy over 25 years than other popular solar products in the same space.*

Simply put, our products are different by design. When you choose a SunPower solar system, you are getting the most durable* and efficient* solar panels on the market. SunPower solar cells have a strong copper foundation in the back, while an unobstructed light-trapping surface sits on top to soak in pure sunlight. This winning combination prevents corrosion while creating more surface area for clean energy generation.

Solar panels are often priced based on factors such as their size and wattage. Both size and wattage have a lot to do with how efficient a solar panel is. More wattage means higher efficiency. SunPower’s claim to fame is its high-efficiency solar panels. A SunPower solar installation requires fewer solar panels in less space than conventional solar. This can be very useful for homes with minimal roof space, but it also equates to a faster installation due to fewer materials needed.

Which brings us to our next cost to factor in -- installation. Solar installers are trained and educated in a very specialized trade. It takes an entire team of these knowledgeable professionals to complete a solar installation. Part of the cost of a solar installation goes into paying these people for their hard work and expertise. And with a top-notch network of dealers, working with a SunPower installer is worth the investment.

If you are considering making the switch to solar power, a SunPower dealer can help you design and price out a solar system that works for your energy needs. Often a well-planned system can lead to savings on your utility bill. SunPower dealers can also lead you towards local incentives that may further cut down the cost. Find a dealer near you to get started.