Preparing for Storm Season with Solar + Storage

By:David Schieren

October 22, 2018

It makes more sense than ever to pair solar with a storage battery to gain peace of mind.

Editor's Note: Learn more about SunPower's newest storage solution, SunVault.

This October marked the sixth anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, the record-setting “superstorm” that wrecked parts of New York and New Jersey, and there is always the looming question: “What if it happens again?"

The 2018/2019 storm season is expected to be slightly more active than average, and it’s only a matter of time before a new storm takes over the “Storm of the Century” title. We can’t stop what’s coming, but we can help homeowners living in storm-prone regions become better prepared for future bouts with inclement weather.

When you pair a home solar system with a backup battery, you’re able to store excess electricity from the sun, giving you more independence from the grid. The solar energy you store in a fully charged battery can be used to power your essential appliances* if the power goes out or when the local utility companies shut off access. Plus, you’ll also be saving money on your electric bill!

SunPower® Equinox® home solar energy system is compatible with battery storage solutions

During storms, the backup battery system acts as your energy reserve, offering much needed peace of mind. And a home solar storage battery can offer additional benefits in regions of the country that face “time of use” charges by reducing the amount of power you draw from the grid when utility rates are at their highest.

The use of residential solar batteries in the U.S. is expected to quadruple over the next four years, according to researcher IHS Markit. Ahead of the curve, SunPower has already announced that its all-in-one SunPower® Equinox® home solar energy system is now compatible with battery storage solutions, including those from Sonnen and Tesla. It’s the next iteration of SunPower’s efforts to simplify solar for its customers, delivering more power, more savings and unmatched reliability.*

EmPower Solar, the only SunPower Master Dealer and Tesla Battery Authorized Installer in the downstate New York region, pairs high efficiency SunPower solar power systems with a Tesla Powerwall to provide innovative battery storage solutions to homeowners in New York. Just days after the company emerged from four feet of water from Superstorm Sandy, EmPower Solar was already servicing clients using electric vehicles and battery backup systems. With more than 2,000 solar installations and 100 battery installations completed on Long Island and in New York City, EmPower Solar is a proven leader in solar-plus-storage.

If you’re considering solar-plus-storage for your home, it’s time to take the next step! Don’t let future storms leave you in the dark.

Curious how much you can expect to save with a solar and battery storage system? Use the SunPower Storage Calculator to find the perfect solution.