Powering Habitat for Humanity with SunPower Solar Solutions

April 28, 2023

Habitat for Humanity and SunPower

Change is an important part of our lives. At SunPower, we count on it to solve a very real threat to our planet: climate change. Our mission is to change the way our world is powered, leaving traditional sources of electricity like coal and fossil fuels behind for better, cleaner solar energy.

But what does it take to truly accomplish this? We believe it starts with every American doing their part, from homeowners across the nation to new home builders and multifamily property managers. Solar power should be simple, affordable and easily obtainable. 

One way SunPower has worked to accomplish this is through providing affordable financing options for anyone interested in helping the environment and their wallets with utility savings. But there’s so much more we can do, and we’re working to take those crucial next steps. 

Team SunPower recently met up with Habitat for Humanity in Sacramento, California to help electrify their Cornerstone affordable housing community. Through SunPower Foundation, we donated high-quality solar panels and a monetary grant to help with design, permitting and installation. We also had SunPower employees from throughout the company take paid time off to volunteer onsite for Earth Month and lend a helping hand installing solar panels, painting and light construction. When all was said and done, a total of 140 solar panels were installed on 13 homes within the community, helping low-income families that live here save approximately $1,500 annually over the next several years. 

Habitat for Humanity and SunPower

Habitat for Humanity in Greater Sacramento expects families to move in towards the end of the year and homeowners will enjoy more than just solar energy savings. The homes are all-electric, featuring heat pumps and convection ovens to further support a more sustainable lifestyle.

Habitat for Humanity and SunPower

In many places throughout the U.S., those in disadvantaged communities have historically not been equipped to receive the economic and environmental benefits that an all-electric home can provide. Organizations like Habitat for Humanity and SunPower are working together to make sure that those most impacted by climate change are not left out of the energy transition. 

Helping all Americans receive the multiple benefits of clean energy is more than rewarding. It’s a way to foster reliability for an aging power grid, create cleaner air through the reduction of greenhouse gases and ultimately establish more energy independence for those that need it most. By generating their own power, more Americans can take charge over rising utility bills and even receive local incentives or national tax rebates through the Inflation Reduction Act in some instances.

We can’t wait to see how our work in the Sacramento community will help local homeowners and look forward to creating more ways to change the way our world is powered.