How One Asian Owned Business is Transforming its Local Community with Solar Power

May 25, 2023

SunPower  by True Power Solar

Tontong Yin knew from an early age that he wanted to be an entrepreneur. Born and raised in China, Yin moved to the United States during his early adulthood. After earning his degree in Master of Science in International Accounting from the University of Cincinnati, he moved to sunny southern California and began working as a financial administrator at True Power Solar

Solar energy fascinated Yin. He loved learning about the benefits of this clean energy resource and was surprised more people weren’t taking advantage of it. After arriving at True Power, it dawned on Yin that the company had a unique opportunity: bring solar energy to the underserved Asian community. His passion and drive to grow his local clean energy economy was unmatched, and True Power quickly grew to two locations. Today, Yin is the CEO of True Power, and in 2019 the dealership secured the coveted Master Dealer title from SunPower.

Before True Power opened its doors in 2011, most of the surrounding community had never heard of residential solar energy. Those who had were mystified by the concept. It wasn’t going to be easy, but Yin and the rest of SunPower by True Power team were determined to cultivate a true understanding of the economic, resiliency and environmental benefits of solar power. 

True Power is an Asian-owned business and boasts a largely Asian employee base. In efforts to spread more knowledge of renewable solar energy and its benefits among the Asian community, SunPower True Power Solar began attending the annual Asian American Expo. More than 100K people attend the packed event every year which features booths from Asian-owned businesses across every category as well as cultural events and shows. 

As a solar energy business, True Power stood out at the Expo. True Power is proud that today 80% of their customers are of Asian descent. 

SunPower  by True Power Solar

"Solar panels and storage batteries are still relatively new technology, and it can be difficult for consumers to accept these new concepts,” said Yin. “As an Asian run business with a great reputation in the community, our customers trust us to teach them about the potential of solar energy to change not only their lives, but the lives of everyone they know.”

Today, most of SunPower by True Power’s new business is generated by word of mouth. Customers tell their friends, coworkers and family members about their positive experiences with solar energy, and they turn to True Power as a trusted brand to do the work. 

As utility rates continue to rise in California, SunPower by True Power’s business has seen a dramatic increase in interest in their services. In the past three years, the company has seen an increase of 50% in interest in solar power, with most customers purchasing larger systems than previous clientele. In 2023, the biggest trend Yin is seeing is an increased interest in solar battery storage. Under the new net metering laws in California, solar battery storage will help homeowners get the most value from excess solar energy production. 

Over the years Yin has helped lead True Power to increasing success alongside increasing demand for residential solar. But the real magic of True Power comes down to the power of the sun. 

As Yin puts it, “Waking up every day to help more people produce renewable energy from the comfort of their homes gives us an unimaginable sense of accomplishment. Our dedication and hard work in promoting renewable energy has allowed more of the Asian community to gain independence from constantly increasing electricity costs, and power their homes with clean, renewable energy.”