Introducing SunPower Instant Design

By:Nour Daouk

April 9, 2019

Introducing SunPower® Instant Design

One of the most frequent questions homeowners ask us is straightforward yet deceptively difficult to answer. How much will I save with solar?

At SunPower, we’re always thinking of ways to answer this question more easily. To start, we have one of the easiest-to-use solar and storage calculators in the industry and a nationwide network of dealers who can assess solar potential in person or over the phone.

Since every roof is different and requires expert attention, even the fastest savings assessments can take a half hour to complete. In that time, our team evaluates the roof, obstructions, and nearby shading elements such as trees. They plan where the solar panels should be positioned, model the sun’s path to estimate energy production, and make layout adjustments to maximize energy output and comply with local construction regulations.

SunPower creates thousands of solar designs per week for our customers. But what if we could create thousands per second for anyone around the world? We predict that will change how people understand and approach buying a home solar power system.

Today, we’re introducing SunPower® Instant Design, our new technology built with Google Cloud, to fundamentally change how homeowners go solar. SunPower Instant Design will allow homeowners to create a custom solar design automatically, in less than 60 seconds, using just a home address.