Happy Earth Day! Thank you for sharing our sun

By:Nikki Nix

April 22, 2015

Girls of the Arhuaco tribe in Colombia excited to get solar

Editors Note: In 2020, SunPower announced the completion of the strategic spin-off of its manufacturing division into a separate business named Maxeon Solar Technologies, Ltd. As a result, SunPower has expanded its offerings to drive future growth. The SunPower Equinox® system now offers multiple panel options, including front- and back-contact panels, all of which are responsibly and rigorously quality tested to provide the best energy solution for your home.

What better way to celebrate Earth Day than to share the power of one of our most abundant natural resources with people who lack access to clean energy?

Thanks to our SunPower Community, we have reached our goal! We received inspiring photos and videos from around the world on how the sun fuels everyone’s lives.

We are so grateful for the passionate participation and support of this campaign. As a huge thank you to our community, we have put together a video of some of the best and most interesting ways you all #ShareOurSun to power your lives. Keep your eyes open! You may see your entry.

Because we’ve reached our goal, we’re able to share the power of the sun with 7,200 members of the Arhuaco tribe in Sabana Crespo, a village in Colombia’s Sierra Nevada Mountains. Thank you!

How we’re sharing our sun

We’ve partnered with the Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF), a non-profit organization established in 1990 that promotes, develops and facilitates solar rural electrification and energy self-sufficiency in developing countries.

Because we’ve reached our goal, SunPower will donate $20,000 from our SunPower Community to help keep the Arhuacos’ Sabana Crespo Solar Electrification Project in Colombia running for 20+ years. This project provides two very important things for the village:

  • Clean energy for their medical clinic, microenterprise center, general store and school.

  • Training for members of the tribe who will be maintaining their solar installation.

Arhuaco tribe in Sabana Crespo, Colombia

A message from the Arhuaco people

The Arhuaco people, or “Elder Brothers”, have a message for us who live in the industrialized world, otherwise known as their “Younger Brothers”. From their vantage point in the hills of Sabana Crespo, they can see the destruction of the Earth, causing an ecological imbalance that will affect the future for all inhabitants. They say that our actions of exploitation, devastation and plundering for resources is weakening "The Great Mother" and leading to our destruction. With this project, they intend to set an example of how anyone can utilize clean solar energy without negatively impacting the environment.

Thank you for being a part of our SunPower Community and for sharing our sun!